How to train your dog to love his harness- dog training

This video is dedicated to all the little dogs in the world who run away from their owners when their owner takes out their harness. The same method of count…

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26 Responses

  1. Ahiba Sabala
    | Reply

    I tried this with my 4 month old, King Charles puppy but unfortunately he
    starts biting the harness and playing with it as if it’s a toy, he doesn’t
    listen to me when i call his name, and when i do manage to get the harness
    on him i have to have him on my lap as it’s the only place where he keeps
    still enough, and then he bites at the harness again once it’s on him. I
    don’t know how i’m going to start taking him for walkies if he keeps doing
    this :(

  2. Johnny
    | Reply

    i threw my dog out the window for nipping at me.

  3. Vivid
    | Reply

    great video,well done.

  4. Sam Eggleton
    | Reply

    I bought a harness for my dog and because of this method, he let me finally
    put it on him! Thanks so much! Defiantly subscribing c: 

  5. Kerry Thomas
    | Reply

    Thank you for this. We moved from collar to harness because Charlie would
    almost choke himself to death. He hates his harness and it got so bad he
    would run and hide whenever he saw it. I tried offering him a treat when it
    was time to put it on, but by that point he’d seen it, hid and we’d had to
    drag him out from under the table so obviously we weren’t getting anywhere
    like that. However, after just two five minute sessions today using your
    method to the tee, guess who not only puts his harness on no fuss but
    happily snuffles it looking for treats! Thank you again :)

  6. Luchitina Rodriguez
    | Reply

    My beagle Amelia loves her harness she isn’t comfortable with me touching
    her paws while holding the harness. The other day, after I watched this
    video, I got the idea. To use treats to distract her from looking at her
    paws when I touch them and now she even lets me put on her winter coat!!

  7. K FreeRingtones
    | Reply

    great video thank you so much

  8. catabolicmind
    | Reply

    I tried following this video when I first got an easy walk for my puppy,
    and while she did okay initially one day she just decided she had enough of
    the harness. I bought a different harness that isn’t as restrictive and as
    soon as I even pick it up she barks and whines at it. Should I still follow
    this and just do each step for a longer period of time to the point where
    she will willingly put her head through?

  9. Dehzee
    | Reply

    I have to use food everytime with the harness! My dog isn’t afraid of it, I
    think he embarrassed by it. He puts his head through his collar, but hides
    in his crate when I pull out his harness. I take it off at the dog park
    before his dog friends see him. He’s easy 2 reharness for the trip home. I
    wonder if he thinks they’re 4 girls? He’s rather moody & particular about
    things. It really seems that way because he’s no problem to harness going
    home from the park, but what an ordeal to get there!

  10. Amythehorselover1
    | Reply

    Hi, My grandparents dog (who I help train) absolutely HATES her halti head
    collar. I have tried some similar methods to this and I can get the head
    collar fully on for a couple of seconds but she won’t do it when I don’t
    feed her treats constantly while she’s wearing it, if I stop she will paw
    at it until it comes off I don’t know what to do

  11. Cupper22
    | Reply

    I have a question: What treats do you use when you train your dogs? I
    noticed it’s small and you use quite a bit when you do these training
    sessions so I didn’t know if it’s anything special. Thanks!

  12. n2fun38572
    | Reply

    thank you for this. I puppy jerks out of the collar, but then again, he
    does ot realize he is a dog!

  13. Parenchym
    | Reply

    What is a lot of work compared to a lifetime of a happy dog? 🙂 Awesome

  14. VOSHOL06
    | Reply

    Excellent video. I also use layers of tape on the clicker I use inside. My
    dog was never afraid of the harness, but I always said “harness on” and
    “harness off” when handeling and these are commands he knows now and he
    will come to me to let me take it of or put it on when I say these words..

  15. Pam's Dog Academy
    | Reply

    AWESOME video Emily! It is so cute to watch Tug go through the thinking
    process! He is really learning quickly! I love that you are doing these
    videos with him as they will help so many dog owners! Nice work! 5*s and a

  16. newbear95
    | Reply

    Tug is a fast-learner! Great job! 🙂

  17. kikopup
    | Reply

    In this vid it was finely cut up tortilla, tiny tiny bits of pancake that I
    had had for breakfast, tiny bits of chicken (messy… gross), and bits of
    kibble broken into tiny pieces that where in a bag with a piece of steak in
    it so that the kibble infused with the meat flavor. It all depends on what
    your dog likes. Some dogs dont find tortilla at all interesting. Also
    remember to keep changing the treats you use or they get bored of them

  18. mieke zijlstra
    | Reply

    That is a great tutorial, i hope lots of people watch it and learn from it!

  19. JiveDadson
    | Reply

    My doggies did not need to be taught to love their collars and leashes.
    They start going mad with joy when I rattle the tack, because they know

  20. KellieOfficial
    | Reply

    Nice techniques Emily. My Jack Russell LOVES her harness and will in fact
    hate to wear her collar comparing to her harness. But I am going on
    vacation tomorrow and my Jack Russell comes with me everywhere, so going on
    the train, the man only lets dogs with muzzles on. But she is defiantly not
    vicious, anyway, I was wondering… Does this video work for wearing a
    muzzle? Keep up the good work and thanks. x

  21. f1el6
    | Reply

    this is something i have thought about, pipsa also runs away when she sees
    her harness. she doesn’t like things to go up/over her head. i could
    favorite all of your videos! thanks emily a million times, i have learned
    so much from you!

  22. stuffedtater
    | Reply

    once the harness has been paired with going “outside”, my dog usually jumps
    right in!

  23. tehrenberg
    | Reply

    Really fantastic material Emily! Incredibly valuable to shelter dog parents
    ; )

  24. Kabukihomewood
    | Reply

    Oh, I like saying “yep” that’s different enough from YES! I’ve been using X
    as well.

  25. Anshi Jay
    | Reply

    Great video! You are doing a wonderful job with Tug! 5*s! Very helpful and

  26. PheobieandHarpo
    | Reply

    That pup is SO cute! Great job I love it, very information 🙂

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