How To Train Your Dog To Ignore Distractions – Professional Dog Training Tips

In this live stream, we’re going to talk to you about how to train your dog to ignore distractions. Whether it’s other people, other dogs on your walk, an interesting smelling disgusting thing on the ground or an unusual sound in the distance. You want to teach your dog to be able to ignore those distractions without having to struggle with them. We will talk about a few exercises you can do with your dog to make them understand that it’s a lot more valuable to pay attention to you, rather than be completely distracted by those other things. Join professional dog trainers, Ken Steepe and Kayl McCann on Thursday at 7:30 PM EST, and ask your dog training questions!

We publish new videos every week to help you to have a well behaved four-legged family member!

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Happy Training! ~Ken

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20 Responses

  1. Adriana Allt
    | Reply

    I love your channel. Thank you so much!!

  2. Bj Comp
    | Reply

    Can’t hear you

  3. G R
    | Reply

    Thank you! I am training my Lab – Pit Bull mix to become a service dog. He is 6 1/2. I am going to try working more on Stationary control. Distraction is his worst enemy. He sniffs everything and everyone! Inside and out. I'm trying hard to find a way to get his total focus on me. I like the "Get In' position that I made notes to try out. Great channel guys!

  4. FrankPlane
    | Reply

    Oot and aboot

  5. Audra Thompson
    | Reply

    What about a seat belt for a dog

  6. Audra Thompson
    | Reply

    Don’t see a code I am on ios

  7. Dani B
    | Reply

    Where are you located?

  8. Dani B
    | Reply

    ???? The biggest distraction: another dog.

    | Reply

    Watching from Brisbane Australia

  10. Ryan Wianecki
    | Reply

    I have an 16 week Australian Shepherd Mini and ever since I got him he's been very difficult to reward (8 weeks counting).

    He is NOT motivated by food at all, does not get overly excitable when given praise or toys. He seems very controlled as if he's waiting for something else. Incredily smart — taught himself to use the Potty Bells.

    Food I've tried multiple brands and different consistencies/textures (Science Diet, Nutrish, Merrick), even went to boiled chicken breast. He'll nibble but never "devours" anything. Worries me that he's not getting enough to eat.

    He is teething still at 16 weeks so I know that has a small role in it but training has been a constant strain as to finding a high value reward. The only thing he seems to get excited about is when I'm around, even gets a little TOO crazy which I'm struggling to control at times. Only problem i'm seeing is if i'm the high value reward aren't I myself distracting him (paradox?)?

    Looking for advise from anyone with similar experiences on how to find a high value reward or even some strategies of how I could use myself better as a reward?

  11. Chrissy Simpson
    | Reply

    I do that with a ball before I throw the ball for my pup to catch I wait for him to look at me in the eyes to get it and then say YES …

  12. Chrissy Simpson
    | Reply

    awww how did I miss this ..I know my pup got all my attention hahaha…

  13. La Pestiosa
    | Reply

    just discovered your page….so far I have been enjoying your videos. I need HELP!! my pit/lab just launches/barks (loud/hair up) when dogs pass by. He some times listens to me, but when he starts to take off from the living room to the back fence, there is nothing to stop him. what can I do?

  14. Alyse Davis
    | Reply

    Cheltenham Pennsylvania

  15. Jeannie patterson
    | Reply

    BRILLIANT information!!! I thank you so much for these reminders…

  16. Norman Hooper
    | Reply

    Greetings Ken & Kayl.

    If I may say thank you for your informative, humourous, dog loving videos.

    I live in Australia and I'm over 50…but without and definitely not meaning anything untoward, only sending my brotherly "Love and Kindness"
    Ken and Kayl… you're a beautiful loving couple…it shows in your very knowledgeable videos.

    Okay I got that weird stuff out of the way haha(Joking).

    If I may ask a question please…

    I apologize for this be long in description.

    My housemate has 3 dogs.
    The youngest is approximately 11 months old, she's a "Kelpie" dog…"Hemi" is her name.

    These 3 dogs have freewill in the owners bedroom which leads into the backyard, with a doggy door.
    The dogs get fed once a day by owner in the morning, then sometimes a bone within 2 hours (not all the time).

    They're never walked on a lead.
    The only exercise is when the owner takes the dogs in the car, on the way back from shopping, to a certain area and let out, then they know the routine, and get a run that way following the car (approximately 400 metres /2 times a week).

    The owner is carrying alot of condition (obese category…she love her dog's).
    This really takes away any obedience/dog human interaction, and guidance these beautiful dogs need.
    My comment isn't meant to be or sound disrespectful, it's only a brief synopsis of the dog's environment.

    So anyway… getting back to "Hemi" and myself.
    Everytime, and yes everytime I go in the backyard…she is there, watching everything I do.
    I've noticed that "Hemi" wets herself sometimes when I show her affection.
    Sometimes she has submitted herself on all fours when approaching myself.
    Yes also I've had stern words with her before, concerning some tomatoe plants.
    Also yes I've cussed her also.

    I must say I wasn't a good role model for being understanding towards her.

    Anyway rolling the clock forward…as of a week ago.
    There's a neighbour, anyway I got talking with him, and he trained his own dog.
    This really interested myself.
    I thought this is interesting, and maybe I might be able to incorporate this into my personality. ( learning about dogs…more so "Hemi").

    So I've been "trying" to give my tenderness and kindness in obedience, honestly it's going okay.
    Of course with your terrific tutorials from "Mc Cann dog training".

    This is only a week in…but I see goodness, no I really see greatness is this loving/Licking my face/ beautiful animal.

    How embarrassed I feel to be honest, not doing this earlier.
    But I didn't have the desire.
    I didn't have the knowledge (of course not even close).
    But this comes about for 2 reasons.

    Hopefully "Hemi" can get some guidance in her life.
    Shown some disciplines/obedience with lots of love and support.
    Also I'm learning a skill set.

    My reason for asking for advice is…any advice for this situation?

    ps…Yes I have permission to train "Hemi".
    Yes I've taken the 3 dogs out on walks before on leads.

    My problem was…sometimes, no nearly all time, the more I do around the house.
    The absolute less or nothing was getting done in the house.

    Example cleaning/chores.

    So in turn I said to myself…enough of myself always making an effort.
    So in turn the dogs suffered.

    Because of laziness.

    Getting back to "Hemi"…oh you guys would love her.
    Just to see her sitting there beside myself, with her ears pricked, listening to all the sounds go by (nature and other dog's being dog's).

    You know what I mean…special.

    Apologies for this becoming a novel.

    I will persevere with beautiful "Hemi".
    In a way "Ken and Kayl"…it's not my journey, but "Hemi's"…I guess I wanted to share.

    I sincerely hope this does instill in myself, more understanding towards these kind and beautiful animals.

    Have a great day/week ahead.

  17. Scopechick
    | Reply

    Hi. My 3 1/2 month old English bull terrier has full on energy purge about 730pm every night (right before she crashes and goes to sleep). We have tried to get her to do this outside but she seems to prefer pinballing off of the living room furniture — any suggestions for making outside as much fun as inside

  18. Brianna Milcic
    | Reply

    could i talk to you about something

  19. Brianna Milcic
    | Reply

    a good show

  20. Maribel
    | Reply

    My dogs distraction is hearing the neighbors come late at night when I am trying to sleep he will start to bark , which he didn’t before 🙄 I have to now close our bedroom door , he also doesn’t like little kids or hear them wine ( we live in a apt on the third floor) Every time he hears the elevator go off too or the delivery guy ring the doorbell too (He’s a toy poodle ) 5 months old

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