How To Train Your Dog To Drop A Ball DIRECTLY Into Your Hand – Professional Dog Training Tips

Training your dog to drop the ball into your hand when playing fetch is a MUST for playing fetch. If your dog likes playing fetch in any weather, training them to bring the ball directly back to your hand will be a useful skill. It can also be transferred to a lot of other objects. Like a frisbee, or similar toys. This skill comes naturally to a retrieving breed. In this dog training video, I’m going to show you how you can teach this skill to ANY breed of dog! If your dog can carry an object in their mouth, they can learn to drop it into your hand!

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11 Responses

  1. Immy Morris
    | Reply

    What if your dog (cockapoo!) Is obsessed with toys and will not drop them even for the best treat???????

  2. vertigohan
    | Reply

    How many commands do you recommend us to teach our dogs on a daily or weekly basis?

  3. Nathan J
    | Reply

    I have a kelpie who never drops or come he just run lol

  4. tinycomedian
    | Reply

    I’m in a wheelchair so I can’t bend down and get the ball when he is wrong. My dog will retrieve the ball and drop it at my feet. I present my hands and he doesn’t know what I’m asking. So I don’t know what to do. Once I present a treat the ball has no value no matter if he has eaten or not. Please help? I do have a friend who is not in a wheelchair who can help but he just brings the call to her even if I’m the person who threw it

  5. Megan James
    | Reply

    My Spaniel is totally ball obsessed, and if she is playing with one toy (a ball probably) she won't stop and switch toys, even if it is another tennis ball, or another of the same toy. She sometimes drops toys for treats, but then just sits there and waits for more treats, devoid of any interest for the toy. Any tips?

    She has recently started coming in when no one throws a ball for her and dropping it just inside the door frame, running outside and lying down and waiting. We do encourage this, but we can't play with her all the time, as it happens during dinner e.c.t.

  6. Daniel Posner
    | Reply

    Border Collie pup arriving in 10 days. Really enjoying your easy teaching style. Keep the videos coming. Dan (Spain)

  7. Janice Robertson
    | Reply

    I've heard several people say that the adhesive material found on the seams of tennis balls can erode the enamel on your dogs teeth. Is there any truth to that?

  8. Brian Knowlton
    | Reply

    Once I bring food out my pup loses all interest in toys no matter what. Any suggestions?

  9. Roger Cornthwaite
    | Reply

    My dog drops it nearby and no matter how hard I try she will not keep hold or drop over my hand!

  10. Adham Hany
    | Reply

    Using food in play mode training is wrong

  11. Crystal The Animal Lover
    | Reply

    Great video 😊

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