How to train your dog to dance

An instructional video showing how to teach your dog to ‘dance’. Please note: This is the method I use, there are lots of other videos available.

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25 Responses

  1. 32f23f2
    | Reply

    That sucks, my dog hates his feet being touched :(.

  2. Jessica Birtwistle
    | Reply

    Tgats ridiculously rubbish

  3. Shelley Fisher
    | Reply

    Yes any dog can do it 🙂

  4. Shelley Fisher
    | Reply

    If you use an E-collar at the wrong time, the dog will end up being
    confused, wary, and you will break any form of bond with your dog that you
    have already.

  5. Shelley Fisher
    | Reply

    Keep going, look forward to seeing the results 🙂

  6. Heke Pihlaja
    | Reply

    This was nice to watch! You explained it well and I’ll try this absolutely
    at home! My older dog is almost 10, but she realized last summer in few
    times how to walk between legs and how to spin. And she still remembers it,
    just last week I tried again! And my younger dog is 1,5 years old, she’ll
    have to train little by little to give different paws etc 🙂

  7. Renesmee Jessford
    | Reply

    I have tried making her jump through a hoolahoop. Just stepping in the
    middle of it, and then through it slowly, of course but she really doesn’t
    want to. Even when i offer her a treat she just ignores it, and its not
    like her. she’s always stealing treats and toys from the other dogs. does
    she have a phobia of some sort? she has come from a bad background, as i
    picked her up from the pound after she had a pretty rough start, but surely
    treats wouldn’t…. is she ill? please let me know.

  8. Pyro Gamer
    | Reply

    smart dog

  9. Shelley Fisher
    | Reply

    So from the very, very beginning you start them on a lead, walking around.
    You stop, blow the whistle and make them sit (either using your hands or
    asking them). Soon, they should pick up the fact that every time you blow
    the whistle they need to sit. Make sure EVERY time you blow it, they sit. xx

  10. edsheeranlover95
    | Reply

    Really good video!! i taught my 10mnth old english springer spaniel to give
    me her paws left and right!!

  11. haydn4ever
    | Reply

    Thanks!! I will definitely begin to work on this!

  12. Amanda Oakley
    | Reply

    You’re good at this! Like it! X

  13. haydn4ever
    | Reply

    Thanks for the information. I will definitely do that. I suppose you start
    by walking them on a lead in a heal position. stop, give the sit command,
    as that’s what they know, and then whistle….eventually replace the verbal
    sit with the whistle. I suppose from there I could walk them at a faster
    pace, and whistle, and expect them to sit………then perhaps a 20 foot
    lead, then 50, etc…..then FREE! Is that sort of how it starts?

  14. Shelley Fisher
    | Reply

    Ok so my opinion on E-collars are they have their place, but not a
    replacement for good training. With our dogs, you need to train, train and
    train some more. Start with them close to you, and re-inforce the sit (so
    you whistle, if they don’t sit, you run to them and make them sit on
    exactly the spot you asked them to sit in the first place). It’s really
    important you don’t get lazy and not bother with this. Your dogs need to
    know that when they are away from you, they are still ‘reachable’. x

  15. Renesmee Jessford
    | Reply

    what do i do? I have a 3 yr old staffy, and she is normally very healthy
    and energetic, always wanting to please me and learn new things. But i am
    trying to teach her some things, (Paw, shake, roll over, etc) and then im
    going to try with some proper doggy dancing. but i have been trying
    literally all day to get her doing paw + shake, and she just doesn’t get
    it. i have forgot that idea, and tried some other things, but she just sits
    there in the corner, shivering.

  16. Shelley Fisher
    | Reply

    It sounds as though you are putting too much pressure on her. Keep trying
    but keep it really light, lots of happy noises, praise and treats. She will
    get there 🙂

  17. haydn4ever
    | Reply

    Thanks so very much for your time. That would be quite helpful. Our dogs
    are 9 months old, and know “sit” and “come” very well. They have great
    recall on long distance “come.” However, the command to sit when in a dead
    run in search of prey or chasing a bird….I can’t imagine them EVER
    sitting! We do not own e-collars, however, I am not opposed to them. Do you
    use them for long distance? Ours don’t hunt, however, they do chase. It is
    imperative that they learn this for their safety!

  18. Shelley Fisher
    | Reply

    I will see if I can do something this weekend for you 🙂

  19. Shelley Fisher
    | Reply


  20. Rachel Smith
    | Reply

    Sophie and i watched this video of your a few days ago and tonight we got
    the Paw/shake separate commands down in under 20 min. will continue to work
    on it this week and hopefully graduate up to knees soon thank you ..

  21. Michael Mironidis
    | Reply

    is it possible to teach a yorkie this?

  22. haydn4ever
    | Reply

    Your dogs are SO adorable! We also have 2 littermate GSP’s! One male, one
    female. My daughter is trying to teach ours the “bang” command! Your videos
    have truly come in handy. I laughed SO hard at that particular video, and
    the swimming lesson! GSP’s are SO adorable, funny, SUPER SMART! THanks SO
    much for these videos. Can you do a video on how you teach the sit whistle?
    That would come in VERY handy for us if they decide to chase something they
    aren’t supposed to chase.

  23. Nicole Shushkevich
    | Reply

    thanks to you my dog pugsley knows how to dance now 🙂 and he really enjoys

  24. Mya Wallis
    | Reply

    my dog learn paw at 9 weeks

  25. Fernando Diego
    | Reply

    Smart dog

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