How to train your dog to Cross their Paws dog trick tutorial

This is a clicker training video on how to teach your dog to cross their paws. If you dont have a clicker you can always use some other noise maker like a cl…

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44 Responses

  1. zakyboi123
    | Reply

    i hid a tread under a bowl and my rottweiler just looked at me like wtf…

  2. MultiZenyatta1
    | Reply

    The dog was an Australian Shepard

  3. pupgirl60
    | Reply

    well it helps train the dog and it can get their attention it actually
    helps alot but i wouldnt know though i don’t have a puppy but i seen other
    people do it

  4. MrBlueMC
    | Reply

    Nice Legs.

  5. Linda Michaels
    | Reply

    Thanks Emily. Love your videos. Linda Michaels, MA Psych, CPDT-KA

  6. PetroulaPalomino
    | Reply

    my dog was a stray and does this thing without training..she always did!

  7. kikiveto123
    | Reply

    Question: Can you tell me why my dog is learning nthn’ anymore?

    | Reply

    What kind of Brands of clickers are there? Would like to order one. Web

  9. Joey
    | Reply

    you have nice legs! 🙂

  10. KatsDogs
    | Reply

    Yup, free shaping. When we started I first got kind of a paw “slap” on the
    ground – then I started selectively rewarding for her slapping her paw to
    the side and eventually over her other paw. Peanut, my shih-tzu, probably
    never would have gotten anywhere that method either! 🙂

  11. pablonted
    | Reply

    Good idea and nice use of clicker and fading target. I trained my two dogs
    similarly but used a hand target instead of the yellow object. What it
    doesn’t show is how to move from fading the object to using the handler’s
    feet as a cue. Or the Chihuahua doing it – just a previously trained
    Collie. I found it helped to move from hand target when the handler is
    sitting and then to hand when standing. Move to hand and foot standing then
    finally just foot.

  12. rebelcowgirl2007
    | Reply

    Awesome vid! Looks fun!

  13. rogersmmr
    | Reply

    Another great video! Thank you for taking the time to share your training

  14. funtasticjumps
    | Reply

    Awesome. I also think that seeing some of the trouble spots is very helpful.

  15. Orcaberbrandy
    | Reply

    Wonderful. I have now got my next trick to teach my dogs. Thanks.

  16. jakkyboi95
    | Reply

    my dogs cant even scratch at it they are obsessed with food haha

  17. smotpoker00
    | Reply


  18. Erin Courtney
    | Reply

    RIDICULOUS. When the chihuahua was learning to cross, the clicker was
    clicked, treat was given, mechanical. No connection or praise at all. Sad.

  19. xxsummerstarzxx
    | Reply

    I just love this trick. One to teach Dude I think 🙂 Nice work!

  20. fungalonlywithjesus
    | Reply

    you can get a clikcer at petsmart. I got a nice one for a buck!

  21. TheHippyDippyCandys
    | Reply

    ill tri itttt

  22. Angie D
    | Reply

    when you do your videos can you try to remember to tell us what words you
    are using for the behavior.

  23. KatsDogs
    | Reply

    Another great training video! Kiko is just so darn cute. 🙂 I taught Daz to
    cross her paws one way with just shaping and for the other way I used
    basically this method. For her, this method definitely got a “cleaner”
    behavior in the end!

  24. Ballingboy White
    | Reply

    ya man these vids are cool. is tht a chiwuwa?i have one and she is soo
    scared of everything. tht looks like my friends looks like a mix
    breed of some sort

  25. falcon55356
    | Reply

    You and your dogs are amazing! I ended up on one of your videos and
    thought, “I’ll just watch this one,” and I’ve ended up watching almost all
    of them! Truly amazing!

  26. kiwwwwy
    | Reply

    i tought this to my chihuahua puppy! it worked!

  27. ILoveMinnimoo
    | Reply

    Adorable! You are a talented trainer! x

  28. BlueAronya
    | Reply

    That Video is cool. I love your training videos and…I love my clicker :))
    Greetz from Germany

  29. JDurbie
    | Reply

    My mom has been trying to teach my australian sheperd to cross her paws for
    a lone time, unsuccessfullly. Today I bought a clicker, and I was eager to
    get my dog well trained! My mom doesn’t beleive clicker training will
    work…i can’t want to see her face when my dog finally crosses her paws on
    que! Thanks so much for the amazing vids!

  30. mergirl3434
    | Reply

    Wal*Mart has them or any pet store like petco petsmart

  31. jasperaliceuk
    | Reply

    A cracking video – something new to do for tomorrow. I loved the way Kiko
    was watching you and Splash.

  32. Maja Rokavec
    | Reply

    Great one!!! I also taught my one on targeting. :))) Can wait to see new
    videos! Enjoy! 🙂

  33. naisayd
    | Reply

    Another great trainging video. Thank you!

  34. Denise Kyle
    | Reply

    wer can i get the clicker

  35. mer1nga
    | Reply

    nice idea but when you fading a target is better to keep the same shape,
    round shape the object, round shape the paper is much more easy for the dog

  36. HorsebackAngel
    | Reply

    wonderful videos! we just got a 1 year old german shepherd and im really
    looking forward to teaching him some tricks 🙂

  37. hunkymonkeykaine
    | Reply

    Kiko did great! The matchsticks leg remark was too funny:). Thank you for
    making this video:). I will try your techinique and post a video soon:).
    Woofs n’ Wags, Ashley & Kaine Wow, Spalsh is REALLY good at crossing both
    her paws:)!

  38. maximumride987
    | Reply

    Should my dog know how to lay down first before I attempt this? Also I feel
    very sorry for her when I watch these videos. She hears the clicker and
    goes “wtf human?”

  39. Snade Nardi
    | Reply

    Sadly, I can’t teach my dog to cross paws because dachshund has short legs.

  40. mergirl3434
    | Reply

    Also a soda can works!

  41. something122133
    | Reply

    There’s nothing wrong with that method. Extreme praise is usually done at
    the end of a session for a well-done along with more treats. Believe me,
    Kiko is plenty happy with learning that way.

  42. mcturtle
    | Reply

    I love all of your videos. Thank-you so much for posting them! They are
    very clear and easy to follow. I’m wondering if there is a trick to getting
    your dog to keep her paws crossed. My puppy has mastered crossing and will
    do it without the target. However, I can’t get her to keep her paw on the
    target. She moves it off so quickly that I can’t even click a second time.

  43. Katerina R
    | Reply

    my dog dont touch it with paw but with her head only:(

  44. Kristiina H
    | Reply

    Thanks for this tutorial, you can see the result on video responses:)

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