How To Train Your Dog To “Come When Called” in 1 Minute!

How to train your dog to come when you call them!
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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

17 Responses

  1. Austin Raydo
    | Reply

    Zak reminds me so much of Steve from Blues Clues 😂

  2. Preygod Shayo
    | Reply

    yes teacher I m from Tanzania

  3. mymyjordyn 10063
    | Reply

    When my front door opens my dog bolts… Help me

  4. Frank Lorenzo
    | Reply

    I would love to see "How to Train A Stubborn Dog"
    I've been walking this dog for months, still have a hard time getting her out.

  5. LPS Kaylee Productions
    | Reply

    Zak, if you could make a video about how to get a dog more comfortable around small children that would be a huge help. I have twin brothers who are only five years old, and they tend to get way too excited about a dog in the house. They chased my old dog around, yelled at him, and it’s just not a good setting for the dog. I’m getting a new dog next month, and I’ve been binging your videos. I just want our new miniature Goldendoodle to not be scared of where she’s living. Thanks for the help and for all you do!

  6. CrustierNose190
    | Reply

    It worked on me. “lalalala follow me on Instagram”

    In anther words I’m following you on instagram.

  7. Saying Thank You on EVERY video of MrBeast
    | Reply

    Zak. Please help me. I have a cane corso and I really can't handle him and teach him anything. Please help me some how

  8. Jeik Cordero
    | Reply

    I have a American Escoulmo mixed with siberian husky she will not stop pulling on the leash

  9. john dillinger
    | Reply

    jesus christ,any idiot can get a million followers on youtube

    im going to make cockroach racing videos

  10. dotcom02WGP
    | Reply

    I wish you would use problem dogs in your videos and not ones that get it real fast. If their dogs got it real fast, they wouldn't be on youtube looking for a help video…

  11. Joan Protacio
    | Reply

    Zak how do you teach a pup to catch his tail?

  12. vitaLickMyButerin
    | Reply

    The ending was perfect but, fuck instagram.

  13. hualchowdown1
    | Reply

    My rescue will literally just stare at my family like we are insane and continue to do whatever he wants. Maybe it was because he was so abused as a pup? Does that make them a bit people-phobic?

  14. Flaffy Cheez
    | Reply

    Lmaooo zak sounds like my mom when she is immitating me. I guess i must have the perfect vocal range for training dogs lol.

  15. Emily Kaser
    | Reply

    I got my puppy one week ago. Now she is 9 weeks. She still doesn’t respond to her name or to coming when called. She knows how to sit, lay down, and shake. But now, whenever I separate her from her brother to train them separately, she just lays down and won’t get up.

  16. 3D A10
    | Reply

    what breed is winston?

  17. Tsc_ TeeZZer
    | Reply

    I tried this and my dog was like wth are you doing

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