How to train your dog to catch a Frisbee Due to many requests, I decided to make a four minute video on how to train your dog to catch a disc using my newest dog, Blitz. PL…

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34 Responses

  1. rosa marty
    | Reply

    my dog is my profile pic and he is okay he is learning i taught him how to
    play dead, sit, speak, shake a paw, and how to roll over and now hese
    learning this the other dogs i have are learning the same tricks therir a
    bit younger but my dog is training them just like me someties i feel like
    he knows what i am saying :D

  2. Brandon Spencer
    | Reply

    the problem is he will go get it, but then run away from me and wont give.

  3. Diego Noriega
    | Reply

    My 6 month old pitbull won‘t give the disc back. She just sits there,
    gnawing away at it. Help!!!

  4. SketchandFlash
    | Reply

    Some dogs take longer to learn to catch, especially puppies. Flash took
    about 4 months of being interested in playing disc before he would actually
    catch it in the air. Try holding the disc out in front of his nose and when
    he grabs on to it say “catch.” You can do this with a ball too. Throw the
    disc out just a tiny bit in front of him and say “catch.” Make sure to
    praise your dog whenever he puts his mouth on the disc.

  5. Sven dilbert
    | Reply

    hello im 11 and my pitbull doesn’t want to let go of the frisbie he will
    also break it in 1 minute ( he has chewed golf balls in have ) also
    sometimes he doesn’t want to bring it back. he is going to be 2 in augest

  6. newmacmom
    | Reply

    You are a great teacher! Thank you so much! I’m trying to teach my Springer
    to Catch the Frisbee and following your steps.

  7. psychojoker131
    | Reply

    Woo hoo same with me!!!

  8. Titok Réka
    | Reply

    Thank you!:)

  9. Karen Faust
    | Reply

    this is a gret vid hope it works!

  10. SketchandFlash
    | Reply

    Over time some dogs will start to jump more. Usually thinner dogs will jump
    higher(but not too thin!) You can somewhat train a dog to jump for a disc
    using an agility jump and doing takes over the jump. It’s also best for
    your dog to jump so that the front paws hit the ground a bit before the
    back paws do. You never want back paws to hit the ground first. You never
    want the dog to land in a handstand position or straight up.

  11. SketchandFlash
    | Reply

    @lovemybeau Blitz is a Border Collie.

  12. oyenatalie
    | Reply

    I have a Border Collie puppy who is VERY interested in her frisbee. She
    prefers it over any other toy. For a while now I’ve been trying to figure
    out how to actually get her to catch it out of the air, instead of just
    chasing after it when I roll it vertically. But now I know how, and I will
    try it, so thank you! (:

  13. Stormy Wolf
    | Reply

    It has to be a disc or a freesbee? my freesbee has Lines :/ i can use it?

  14. mission762008
    | Reply

    wow..I’ve never had a dog and just assumed that dogs naturally knew how to
    play catch with a ball or frisbee! Can the small dogs paly frisbee or is it
    just a game for the medium to bigger sized ones. I was thinking of buying
    my first dog and it would probably be an eskimo dog or brittany. I’ll save
    this video in case I actually do get around to getting a dog..thanks

  15. ramsoknight
    | Reply

    P.s. my australian shepherd kinda just waits for it to get low enough for
    him to just grab with his mouth…. Is it possible to teach him to jump
    high and catch it in mid-air? Or is that considered a progression from what
    he’s already doing?

  16. SketchandFlash
    | Reply

    @mission762008 Nope not natural! Some dogs catch on very quickly though.
    Any size dog can do this!

  17. Yokai671
    | Reply


  18. ramsoknight
    | Reply

    GREAT METHODS– gonna try this on my australian shepherd!! and @alexspy123,
    my dog does the same thing!

  19. MrextremeUntouchable
    | Reply

    Why do i have to say a word before she catches it?

  20. horses4eva3300
    | Reply

    where can i find a good disc for my golden?

  21. SketchandFlash
    | Reply

    My two Border Collies(including the one in the video) started with floppy
    discs and then moved on to plastic. But beware of the hard discs in pet
    stores because many of them are actually unsafe for the dog’s mouth. It it
    is not a Wham-O(DT World), Hero, or HyperFlite disc, I cannot guarantee
    that it is safe for your dog. Happy Training! Hope the advice helps!

  22. kikopup
    | Reply

    This was a super sweet tutorial! 🙂

  23. azmauigirl
    | Reply

    This is a very helpful video. I have one dog who wasn’t at all interested
    in any kind of fetch until 7 months old. My new puppy seems likewise, but
    I’m going to use your ideas as a fun way to play with both of them. Right
    now, When I throw for the older one, the pup runs and plays tug after its
    already caught. Thanks for the tips and excellent presentation.

  24. mlni1996
    | Reply

    thanks!!!! my dog learned it!!! even i dont have frisbee disk…so there’s
    a flying plate in our lawn 🙂

  25. SketchandFlash
    | Reply

    @horses4eva3300 herodiscusa. c o m Check under “K9 Discs”. The Air 235 is
    my favorite and all of the “Super” Models are very durable.

  26. Chloe Parker
    | Reply

    what if your dog is afraid of the frisbee :/

  27. Colossal Raptor
    | Reply

    thank you so much! My Border Collie pup is 10 weeks so im not going to rush
    him into anything. Your video has nice easy steps, I actually like it
    better than zak’s/. I dont know what PittiesLuver problem is, you’re
    teaching is great!

  28. theboss7865
    | Reply

    @javixm Just Buy Some Sets Of Disc’s And Throw Each Colour And See Witch
    Disk Ur Dog Runs After

  29. RuffianLuvers97
    | Reply

    thank you and btw he is a puppy not even one yet so thnx:D

  30. Booker DeWitt
    | Reply

    my shih tzu is shy of playing frisbee outside of our home and with other
    dogs can any of u guys offer some tips?

  31. myaluko
    | Reply

    how old does my dog have to be to catch the disk? I have a Jack Rusell
    Terrier, 6 months. I bought a disc yesterday and he loves it. He lets it
    land infront of him before picking it up and coming to me. Will he slowly
    gain confidence>

  32. jessicamariepenman
    | Reply

    thanks for helping

  33. PaulCaseyFan088
    | Reply

    @myaluko same i have a boxer 10 weeks he loves it but waits for it to land
    then picks it up and let me no if your jack russel has gained confidence
    and if he has tell me what you did please

  34. froggydog6
    | Reply

    @mission762008 I have a brittany and she caught on to catching frisbees
    right away! Now she loves it! 🙂 you can see it on my channel!

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