How to train your dog not to pull- Loose Leash Walking

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34 Responses

  1. Rayleen Shipley
    | Reply

    I just went outside with my dog for two hours doing this. I went for a walk and he forgot all over again. Not very effective..

  2. Kiana Thomson
    | Reply

    It won’t work with my dog!!

  3. Sahara Sushi
    | Reply

    When she bites yelp really loud and high pitched, immediately when she bites. She should back away. This is how littermates learn how hard to bite each other.

  4. A2TheRizzo
    | Reply

    This worked for me, no other method would. Thank you!

  5. Clumsy Smurf
    | Reply

    Doesnt like treats? Hmm.. Compliments, loud and clear! And per example if he really likes beef, try cut them in small slices and give that as a treat! Anything he would possibly like ‘as a treat’. 🙂

  6. Refa903
    | Reply

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  7. Jessica Hendricks
    | Reply

    This was so helpful! Thanks.

  8. hcnmn8223
    | Reply

    how about if there is a cat and the dog stops following you and chase the cat

  9. jjjaapppzzz
    | Reply

    Hey there, i need some help here. my dog bites me when stop walking, She is so excited and she pulls me very hard. I don’t know what to do. I really need help

  10. Etik Syaiful
    | Reply

    Hey There! Thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Xobodog Training (do a google search), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you considered this dog training program known as Xobodog Training? I’ve heard several amazing things about it.

  11. Mello Kitty
    | Reply

    Thats awesome, my lab really likes to drag me around so im definitely trying this!

  12. Catey Kay
    | Reply

    i really liked your video, im going to try this out tomorrow 🙂

  13. Jennie Geraldizo
    | Reply

    Thank u it works!

  14. The Evil Council
    | Reply


  15. marshalljimduncan
    | Reply

    But how can this be effective on a female dog?

  16. JoshMuniz50
    | Reply

    Nice vid

  17. mympsick
    | Reply

    @jho369, try stopping and changeing directions she he starts pulling and I keep a lot of treats in my pocket so they stay closer

  18. jho369
    | Reply

    I practiced with my dog infront of my house for a good 45 mins. She did very well. She walked side by side with me like how I wanted. As soon as I take her for a walk, she started sniffing the ground and goes wherever she pleases…:( Can someone throw me a tip?

  19. The Evil Council
    | Reply

    Call me….de dog whispererrrr

  20. OtakuPoot
    | Reply

    The clicker isn’t meant to stop your dog’s pulling, it’s meant to say, “You did the right thing! You get a treat!” when he does the right thing. It’s like how the clicker is clicked AFTER the dog sits, not TO MAKE the dog sit.

  21. OtakuPoot
    | Reply

    Try using a front-clip harness that will pull him sideways when tries to pull forward. Do NOT get a back-clip harness though as those promote leaning forward and adding weight to move forward and will make him pull more. You may even resort to a prong collar, but make sure you have it fitted correctly so that it only squeezes until snug around the neck and loosens once the tension is gone. If too tight, it can damage your dog. Or try a Starmark Pro-Training Collar, which works quite well.

  22. OtakuPoot
    | Reply

    Though you’ll then need to train your dog not to throw itself onto the ground and flop around like an angry fish trying to get it off when you first use it 😉

  23. OtakuPoot
    | Reply

    Give him a tug toy as he walks and play as he’s beside you, and if he gets too far by pulling, just let go and stop walking and stand there ignoring him for a few seconds, then call him and continue playing and walking. You can also try cheese wizz or a Kong stuffin can as it’s less filling and more tasty and concentrated as a treat and see if that makes a difference.

  24. OtakuPoot
    | Reply

    The clicker is pretty much a universal “yes”. It always sounds the same, whether you’re excited or serious, and can be heard easily when in a busy environment since it’s unique and loud, and everyone’s click sounds the same, unlike each person’s voice. It’s just a tool to make training easier when the dog has multiple owners (parents and kids) who train the dog.

  25. OtakuPoot
    | Reply

    If you hold the treat by your waist and infront of your dog’s nose, he’ll follow the treat and be less likely to criss-cross. It’s more of a heel position, but should help him stay on one side more often. Also, hold the leash with two hands, one hand with the loop and the other holding midway down so that the leash is lined across your body and the dog is on one side. When he tries to pass you, guide him the opposite way. The leash will be shorter, and so you have more control while walking.

  26. OtakuPoot
    | Reply

    Cesar Millan, is that you!?

  27. OtakuPoot
    | Reply

    You use the food to teach your dog the “basic rules”, eventually, your dog will walk more slack and every few blocks, you can give him a treat to fortify the good walking. You want to gradually ween him off treats so that he does it because it seems like that’s the way it is, and it makes you happy. Be sure to praise when he’s walking well, and ALWAYS stop when he pulls. If you speed up with him, you’re rewarding him, so NEVER EVER speed up when he pulls. You can also try a front-clip harness.

  28. OtakuPoot
    | Reply

    You can do what she does at 1:50 – turn around and go the other way. This forces the dog to reset the pulling, and subtly punishes the pulling by forcing them to never get to go where they wanted. It also forces the dog to pay attention to you, especially if you do this often. One good way to keep attention is, when going the other way, you can U-Turn with the dog inside the U with you cutting it off, and give him a treat for following. This also helps when you want to avoid someone approaching.

  29. ggmmelo
    | Reply

    soundcloud . com / glaucio-melo/getting-the-dog-for-a-walk

  30. Gina Marie Fire
    | Reply

    It only works on calm dogs.

  31. gemeelocrazyPR
    | Reply

    I’m surprised on how fast it works. appreciate a lot!

  32. Sophie Kelso
    | Reply

    my dog is not interested in treats!!! what can i do

  33. Lóst Sóul
    | Reply

    Honestly, you don’t need treats or clickers to train your dog to walk on the leash. I didn’t need it and after a couple of weeks my dog doesn’t even need the leash.

  34. Deger80
    | Reply

    i tried this with my dog and its works if you have food and i feel like my dog never is gonna stop pulling without food.

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