How To Train Your Dog: “Come Here!” PERFECTLY!!!

This video is about reliably teaching your dog how to come to you when you call them. In order to teach this behavior, we have to first consider why a dog wi…

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49 Responses

  1. MissUnderstoodDoll
    | Reply

    i didnt know what to do or why that happened. i put him in his kennel straight after. Do you think this could be because he gets too much “underserved” affection from me and I have become an inferior “pack member” in his eyes? he never did that to me before, he sometimes nibbles on my hand only because i realized his teeth had fallen out( hes probably at the age when his big teeth grow). how much affection do you give Solea? and when do you give the dog affection? thank you

  2. MissUnderstoodDoll
    | Reply

    Hi! I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I’ve been using your methods on my 4 month old Rottweiler pup Tyson. I’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old and he is a quick learner:). But I have a problem with him. I live him to bits and give him an awful lot of affection, and this week I had an incident: I tried to hug and kiss him and he basically attacked me and tried to bite me. He was snarling and growling I didn’t Kano

  3. dinoclumsy
    | Reply

    please can you make a video how my dog ignore other dogs?

  4. Nathalie Colvås
    | Reply

    Hi! I have recently found your videos and I find them very helpful 🙂 although there is one trick that I can’t find a tutorial for here on YouTube, the dog doing a backflip. Is it too much like a circus trick? Best regards, thanks for awesome tutorials!

  5. StrateJay
    | Reply

    How do I train my german shepard to stop bitting my cat? Please help

  6. xbranykavala
    | Reply

    how you stop it if it starts run? 

  7. Nilesh V
    | Reply

    Hey man.. I Love your videos… I have a request…
    I heard somewhere training dog as messenger I dont know if its real or not but if it is can u show us how to do that?? and thanks for all of your videos helped a lot

  8. vice kindom
    | Reply

    haa i want u to teach ur dog to shit one place my dog as a bad abit wat i should do rub is head in is own shit.

  9. freya seemann
    | Reply

    i had a leash :/

  10. 284rob
    | Reply

    Can you make a vid on how to stop your dog chasing sheep and cattle without physical punishment

  11. Mr.J.Green
    | Reply

    Hey tab289 could you make a tutorial on how to make your dog sit pretty

  12. RockiestMantis2
    | Reply

    Nice of u to make another video

  13. Lynne Fedorick
    | Reply

    Nice Work!

  14. MotherKitten24
    | Reply

    I HATE seeing parents who put their child on a blue leash because they refuse to learn how to teach their child to behave properly .

  15. Djigosbellore
    | Reply

    your work is more easier whith a german sheperd but you do a good job

  16. whannum
    | Reply

    Yeah, thanks. I used the clicker when he zoomed back and gave him a high-value treat. After a few days of this, he started making a video that wasn’t completely in his face. Eventually, he’ll learn to make videos from a normal distance.

  17. Robert Pass
    | Reply

    Hey there TAB, i just stumbled upon your videos after getting a 7 week old rotti recently, we’ve been practicing your training methods and there are starting to work out nicely. Took some time to get here to actually pay attention, but when she does she displays her intelligence. Would love to know how to contact you for questions or concerns i have in the future. see ya!

  18. joenick3639
    | Reply

    haha i find it funny u had to mention that, but great advice

  19. MrKnoepfchen
    | Reply

    I am really happy to see a new vid of yours. You`re just great and quite like naturally gifted in understanding dog`s n their needs. I`ve trained a well let`s say stubborn dog. It`s a Husky-German Shepard – Mix and many people had problems in dealing with him, though he`s such a sweet heart! You helped me a lot! He behaves so well now and is really a smart one. We both enjoy what you taught me 🙂 I`m looking forward to more vids and to learn more fun stuff to do together with my dog. You 2 rock!

  20. Buddy Chaio
    | Reply

    hey! I love your account!!! Could you make a video teaching a dog to bow?

  21. Sarah Switzer
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for these – can’t wait to try it out with my dog!

  22. zzandf
    | Reply

    When are you making another video

  23. develman98
    | Reply

    were did you get your gernan shepard

  24. xbranykavala
    | Reply

    you changed a lot in how you looked like 😀 gj

  25. 1ChrisToth
    | Reply

    Hey, you finally backed away from the camera.

  26. Marcus Brewer
    | Reply

    Male dogs have penises and female dogs have vaginas. Also, male dogs of a breed are generally larger than female dogs of the same breed

  27. Eve Russell
    | Reply

    Wait to teach thing like this until after you have solid foundations in sit, down, etc. because you don’t want your baby’s first rewarded offerings to be pawing at you. You want them to learn something like “sit” as a default behavior, otherwise you might end up with a goofball who offers paws whenever confused. It’s cute, but I much prefer a default sit instead.

  28. Mustafa kulbay
    | Reply

    Tab how do I teach my 4 month old german sepherd pup to shake hands????

  29. jibin8936
    | Reply


  30. Pokhon Douangdara
    | Reply

    How you get him to come to your left side every time? ? Thanks

  31. Tzvika Ronen
    | Reply

    huh its kinda complicated to tell you how, just write me a message if you want my help^^

  32. ThePublicStupidity
    | Reply

    Duuudeee !!! Zoom out :O

  33. Nina Alliverti
    | Reply

    I have a 6 months old mix of labrador, rottweiler and alaskan malamute. She’s very obedient, but when she finds something eatable, i can’t do anything! She knows it’s wrong, and she knows she’s faster than us. I’ve tried to train a lot og “thanks” when she takes something from the ground, and she is good on the leash. I’ve also tried to run away while calling her. She follows, but is not coming close. I’m gonna try this training with “come” and see if it helps. Is there anything else i can do?

  34. Jacob Apodaca
    | Reply

    Hi, can you please tell us about the differences (if any) between male dogs and female dogs? I trust your opinion most. Thank you! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  35. RainWolfey
    | Reply

    Help please 🙁
    My 2 month old german shepherd is very distracted and only comes when I have treats 🙁 is he to young? I don’t even want him anymore… he bites me and stuff…I tried several methods of training…I have a lot of books about it but…just help please… 🙁

  36. Leonard Cook
    | Reply

    our dogs are simiar except mines a staffcross

  37. nightfear1996
    | Reply

    my white swiss shepherd just go crazy arround other dogs, he starts barking and pulling the leash. also he is realy inpatient… when i give him food, he sits but only for 2 seconds and when i put his food on the ground it is almost inposible to stop him.

    if anyone have some tips help me. (when he starts barking on other dogs i just pull his leash and say famous shhh and he can partly cool it off but i want him not to pay atention on other dogs and animals when walking)

  38. Smiley J
    | Reply

    hold it in your hand like a fist. make sure the pup knows its there. he’ll try n try to get it out but when he stops, then reward. He’ll then learn to associate the calmness is how to get the treat

  39. ShanTube3
    | Reply

    I’ll work on my little beagle

  40. ShanTube3
    | Reply

    Rewarding “check ins” = brilliant!  🙂 Thanks!!

  41. afs928
    | Reply

    Its just Amazing! THANKS A LOT!

  42. 123merto
    | Reply

    i got a 5 month akita pup which gets distracted easily he does not really have a motivation which i can use as he is very very independent and i will have to get a bit angry for him to respond or sometimes without me getting angry he does it. he is very smart however allways uses it to his own advantage he has learned sit,paw,lay down,come(only sometimes), go however when i try to tach him to walk outside he will get over excited and not listen what should i do to make him listen please help!!!

  43. tab289
    | Reply

    Yes, although it is much easier to demonstrate the full progression of a behavior with a dog that is more familiar. A 30 second clip would otherwise take me several weeks! I can assure you that if you spend enough time on each little step that is presented – any dog can pick it up. It’s all about breaking it down into small enough parts.

  44. tab289
    | Reply

    You’re not doing anything wrong – your dog is likely strongly food motivated. Perhaps work on “leave it” before anything else.

  45. tab289
    | Reply

    Don’t put a leash on a child though 😉

  46. tab289
    | Reply

    In much the same way you would teach a child not to stick their fingers in the electric socket. When you catch your dog doing it, go over to them, put a leash on them and remove them from the door. Give them a few mins to realize that they lose freedom when they scratch at the door – then unleash them, and yes – keep an eye out for it again! Reward them for doing other things… Rinse and repeat 🙂

  47. tab289
    | Reply

    Most likely. If not, you could certainly get them off the internet, or use your voice if you can’t get a clicker.

  48. tab289
    | Reply

    When it comes to tricks, it’s personal preference. Some dogs pick some behaviors up more easily than others – so I don’t like to be too strict about doing one thing before the other

  49. tab289
    | Reply

    Yes I have a few on puppies

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