How to Train your Cockatiel to Fly to You

Do you want your bird to fly to you? Hold a treat such has millet, slivers of almonds or apple in your hand and say the birds name along with a command .
Clicker training is useful or snapping of fingers. Always praise and never punish.
Practice this and don’t put in the cage each time the bird comes to you otherwise he won’t come knowing he is going in the cage.

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5 Responses

  1. Farha Siddiqui
    | Reply

    Very nice..

  2. Savannah
    | Reply

    Did you only hand feed him? I see that there are no food containers.

  3. mariah mercado
    | Reply


  4. salmelli
    | Reply

    It wont work for my bird….. Is there another way? Btw if there is no thats ok…

  5. Karen Lynne
    | Reply

    Very nice! We have started to think about using the clicker and treats for more training since our IRN has begun to show an increased interest in "tricks!" Adorable cockatiel 😊

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