How To Train Your Cat With Treats

Training your cat is possible based on a feeding schedule and discovering what makes your cat think: “Jackpot!!” Learn how to find that special treat, and how to use it, in this week’s episode.

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15 Responses

  1. Stewart Coad
    | Reply

    I'm in Australia, and here we have a product called "Dine Creamy Treats" which come in a tube and you squeeze it out as the cat is eating it. Both my cats "LOVE IT" and come out of nowhere as soon as I pick one up, even before I have opened it.

  2. Ziorac
    | Reply

    …Meanwhile I do free feeding (always have a bowl of kibble out) and give my three cats treats easily 10 times a day. Grain treats with flavours. I even use slightly fancier kibble as a treat and they LOVE it. One of them will run across the kitchen floor as I throw them, that's how much she loves them.
    We have a closet with all the treats in it and I only need to walk towards it and they come running.

    And they're still skinny too.

  3. lorrane
    | Reply

    Fresh kangaroo meat. My cats love it. Lean and only needs a sprinkle of taurine

  4. Tina Krahn
    | Reply

    I have meaty sticks my cat meows for a lot and so once he has that one he can have a day he is happy. Here lately I haven't been able to get him more so he has quit begging for one. He'll get one when I have the money for them. He loves them.

  5. sindysinger
    | Reply

    Who here is thinking "my cat is always hungry"

  6. Ivor Little
    | Reply

    I use treats to get my cats to let me brush them

  7. Aaron Bays
    | Reply

    Any sort of canned fish my cat loses his mind. Tuna, sardines, anchovies, he can be dead asleep in the opposite part of the house, hears me open the lid on the sardines, I'm mobbed lol. What's really funny is sometimes I'll drain the extra oil out in the sink, seen him up there butt in the air licking the kitchen sink.

  8. cadillac dubois
    | Reply

    Dried beef, lamb, or pork lung, cats love it and it cleans their teeth!

  9. Goksu Boz
    | Reply

    We use their meals as treats. They get kibble so we just take their dinner meal and give them a piece of kibble every time they do something good during our training session. (Like the kitten gets 37g so we feed him one piece every time he sits or stands. We also use a clicker so he knows to expect a treat each time he hears that click ๐Ÿ˜‚)

  10. Jen Savage
    | Reply

    Showing adorable kittens while you're talking makes it really hard to concentrate on what you're saying. They're so cute! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  11. Susanne Wagner - Achala Devi
    | Reply

    My cat is amazing. He has free dry food available and gets fresh meat morning and night and a nibble when he comes home from his rounds BUT he doesn't free eat. He comes to me and wants me to sit with him and pat him to start eating. He waits on my bed til I get up and then walks me to his bowl. He sits by his food and looks at me until I pet him then he eats. So sweet, if I am not there he will snack but most of the time he wants company to start. Is that ok?

  12. Alissa Michelle
    | Reply

    I have a self feeder and I give temptation treats. Taught her to fetch her mouse toy. One treat at a time. She doesnโ€™t lose interest. Was gonna try turkey too cause I donโ€™t wanna feed too many treats.

  13. Olga O
    | Reply

    raw chicken hearts chopped to pieces

  14. Mizz Wicked
    | Reply

    My kitten is obsessed with the smell of melted cheese ๐Ÿ˜‚ she goes nuts like catnip

  15. gr8 oreos
    | Reply

    Freeze dried shrimp, sheโ€™s a queen

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