How to Train Your Cat to Sit

► Many people think that cats can’t be trained, but like most mammals, if they’re trained right, and with a lot of patience, it can definitely be done. With these steps, your cat will be sitting on command in no time ✔

► Tips
+ Never ever hit your cat. Animals do not respond to pain.
+ Even after your cat has learned the trick, every once in a while, when you tell your cat to sit, feed it a treat. This will help enforce the action.
+ Make sure you’re patient with your cat.
+ Start training your cat at a young age. But not too young, as it won’t want to sit still.
+ If you’re trying to train multiple cats, train them one at a time.
+ Train your cat before you feed it it’s meal ✔

► Warnings
+ Be very patient and gentle with your cat. Cats have claws and teeth and can become frustrated while being trained ✔

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    Thanks a lot!!.I teached my 3 month british shorthair cat to sit.

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