How to Train Your Cat Not to Bite

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Although cats bite instinctively, you can curb this tendency by appropriate training.

Step 1: Engage the cat
Engage the cat or kitten in a game of play fighting. This will arouse the cat’s natural tendency to bite.

Step 2: Stop the game
Stop the game as soon as you see the cat begin to expose its claws or teeth. Wait for the cat to calm down, and then resume the game.

Step 3: Continue playing
Continue playing with the cat. If the cat bites or scratches you, let out a scream. Stop playing and ignore the cat.

Consider spraying the cat with a spray bottle filled with water if the cat continues to bite you. A small spritz in the area of the cat’s face is enough, but be careful not to spray the cat’s ears.

Step 4: Use the touch method
Observe the areas on the cat’s body that are most sensitive to contact — typically the mouth, paws, ears, and tail. When sensitive areas are touched, there is a tendency for the cat to start biting.

Step 5: Touch a sensitive area
Touch one of the sensitive areas on the cat’s body for a second. Then give the cat a treat.

Step 6: Increase the contact time
Gradually increase the amount of time that you are in contact with the sensitive area. Do this until the cat learns to tolerate increasing levels of contact there.

Step 7: Repeat with other sensitive areas
Repeat this procedure with other sensitive areas that provoke biting. Now you should have a cat whose meow is worse than its bite.

Did You Know?
Cats have two sets of teeth — a first set that is lost when they are young, and a permanent set.

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22 Responses

  1. Give Gore
    | Reply

    abuse the cat then break it spirit

    awful advice

  2. morphicID
    | Reply

    If your cat bites, try use Uchigatana +10 against it, and see how much souls it may drop four you.

  3. Persev444
    | Reply

    thanks for the cat_alog on curbing bitey cats

  4. Cosmo Azeroth
    | Reply

    the fastest way to make cat wont bite you , bite the car ears.
    if you not allergic to fur. learned from tarzan.

  5. leila Gerona
    | Reply

    i accidentaly kicked our cat so hard when he bit me for no reason. well im sorry nana :(

  6. Paris Gaming
    | Reply

    on the picture on the video it looks like Kevin from Shameless (us)

  7. Rainz92
    | Reply

    I dislike this tip. The cat will see the squirt bottle in your hand and associate it with you.

  8. Han Lockhart
    | Reply

    Funny. I get some people who say `Don`t use the water spray` citing it as violence on violence and other like thsi video that say do use it. I`m going for the waterspray tactic.

  9. ATV Logic
    | Reply

    why can you not spray his ears so when you wash them can you not wash their ears?

  10. tahir630247365
    | Reply

    Which breed of cat is that?

    | Reply

    Don't hand play, dumbass

  12. Paddy Mc
    | Reply

    Damn man that video was great. All cat owners should watch it.

  13. David Grainger
    | Reply

    spray bottle is a bad tip. don't use it

  14. DTelloMaster
    | Reply

    howtobasic teachs you better xD

  15. koolkeekids diy
    | Reply

    worked thank you

  16. Fusion
    | Reply

    beat it, easy

  17. dendada
    | Reply

    it depends on what breed and personality. not all cats are the same just like human unpredictable characters. you should treat the cat gently and with love and care.

  18. Dannieleth Julapong
    | Reply

    yay thank you!!

  19. Anashotz911
    | Reply

    You will need:
    A cat

  20. JRLM
    | Reply

    I cant touch my cats belly.. or he will bat me..and if i continue.. he makes a sound and the claws come out.. and then if i continue still he do a soft bite but hiss….

  21. cocker M8
    | Reply

    I use this simple technique.bite back

  22. wesley loermans
    | Reply

    no water bottle, it creates fear for you, instead of… whatever you want to do with that spray bottle.

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