How to Train Your Cat: N2 the Talking Cat S3 Ep4

Kona begins her Olympic training in this high energy episode Visit N2 the Talking Cats’s website

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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29 Responses

  1. tuckatin95
    | Reply

    lol love the bit were you go yep yep yep yep yep XD

  2. tuckatin95
    | Reply

    did you know that your name is in one of my vids check it out its call tuckatin95 show part 2 trailer

  3. N2 the Talking Cat
    | Reply

    🙂 thanks so much

  4. blueamor69
    | Reply

    i love your cats

  5. Jacob st.arnault
    | Reply


  6. Jacob st.arnault
    | Reply


  7. jayne goss
    | Reply

    Real men love cats!!!!

  8. kairu firipu
    | Reply

    yet another youtuber who cant tell dubstep from electro house

  9. austin strang
    | Reply

    Qokitty time lol

  10. Celia Perez
    | Reply

    No mor bit

  11. tygrakat
    | Reply

    I subscribe you N2

  12. Amy Black
    | Reply

    And I love your videos..dont stop making them…bigggggggg hugs!!!!!

  13. Amy Black
    | Reply

    What is the song…PLZ REPLY ….PLZZ

  14. N2 the Talking Cat
    | Reply


  15. kitkat dinosaur
    | Reply

    I like this lol Awesome video 🙂

  16. Lori Carter
    | Reply

    I loved this video so very funny !!!

  17. Travis Beeler
    | Reply


  18. Travis Beeler
    | Reply


  19. Jan1031
    | Reply

    Dear N2: I have 4 cats: Vanna, Ziggy, Fatone, and Dr. Samuel L. Jackson Conway Doom. They send their regards as they all subscribe to N2 The Talking Cat.  It’s the only purrfect subscription series on YouTube. (I didn’t say that last part — Dr. Sam did. Honestly…)

  20. N2 the Talking Cat
    | Reply


  21. N2 the Talking Cat
    | Reply

    it’s doing very well, thank you

  22. btrgar
    | Reply

    N2, what’s the latest on your poor tummy?

  23. marjan lovely
    | Reply

    So awesome.I really liked this video.thanks 😀

  24. Noah's Channel
    | Reply

    What Program do you guy’s use? 🙂

  25. kitkat dinosaur
    | Reply


  26. N2 the Talking Cat
    | Reply

    then don’t watch it

  27. Arianna Rogers
    | Reply

    I do not like it so much

  28. kitskittles9113
    | Reply

    it waz called cat spa but ter are lots of those vids but this cat had food nex to its face along with water and it had cat nip in a bowl with an atomatic brusher

  29. Preston Rushing
    | Reply

    0:22 LOL

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