How to Train your birds for free flight

How to Train your birds for free flight.?
Birds training for free flight.
Free Flight is to give your birds there naturals doing, like give them a freedom to fly.

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27 Responses

  1. Help for Android
    | Reply

    So nice bro

  2. Canaldochin12 Chinny
    | Reply

    pano kung 1 year old na yung ibon ko par

  3. Canaldochin12 Chinny
    | Reply

    hey what if my bird is 1 year old ????

  4. Lance Laserna
    | Reply

    Paano kuya kung di ako marunong sumipol?:(

  5. PsychoticSanfran Gaming
    | Reply

    Thanks so much now my bird knows how to fly thanks a lot man

  6. mano bala
    | Reply

    perfect bro

  7. شبكة الإبداع والتطوير
    | Reply

    I will get a small bird and try this out
    Hope it works
    God willing

  8. Kim Choi
    | Reply

    Ano pinakain mo bro?

  9. Srikanth Dâstér
    | Reply

    Fr de time u hv spnt

  10. Izuku Midoriya
    | Reply

    Di ka po ba natatakot na baka lumipad palayo yung African Lovebird mo?

  11. Izuku Midoriya
    | Reply

    Di ka po ba natatakot na baka lumipad palayo yung African Lovebird mo?

  12. Valentina Taliercio
    | Reply

    This is so awesome!!! Tysm!

  13. Srinivas Nani
    | Reply

    Then how to teach it for cockateils

  14. jubz collitz
    | Reply

    Ano food yan brod?

  15. Inthisar Mohamed
    | Reply

    Best video ever

  16. Kennethaldwin Roque
    | Reply

    hanggaling naman nice sopi

  17. Manu Manoj
    | Reply

    Excellent mahn👍👍👍
    Thank u so much 🤩👍

  18. Jonathan harker
    | Reply

    Thank you very much for sharing the secret knowledge.

    | Reply

    Ur bird training is awesome keep going

  20. Manish Gupta
    | Reply

    Great Video

  21. jahangirkazmi143
    | Reply

    V v v v Nice bro
    Heart tuching

  22. sollunga ji
    | Reply

    Amazing explanation tnx dude


  23. Sumit Goyal
    | Reply

    Which bird is this?

  24. Ade Mas Setiawan
    | Reply

    Intinya sabar

  25. Nanban Vicky
    | Reply

    Brother it's amazing it's very useful video for me thank you so much brother

  26. ali hashmi
    | Reply

    Great video

  27. Fedor Emperor
    | Reply

    Ano po pinapakain mo po?

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