How to train your bird to stop biting!

It’s rare not pearl faced !!!!!!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

11 Responses

  1. JennyBeanPie
    | Reply

    Youre more stupid then´╗┐ the bird

  2. Leah L.
    | Reply

    I feel bad for that for´╗┐ that bird!

  3. Jarah Aljorani
    | Reply

    The bird should teach you to not be´╗┐ stupid

  4. TheHairStylist123
    | Reply

    You shouldn’t be doing that and u r NOT a vet OR a proffesinol´╗┐ AT ALL!!!!!!!OK?GOD PEOPLE get me frustrrated

  5. k1yeah84
    | Reply

    your more stupid´╗┐ than your bird

  6. divinci1020
    | Reply

    Yea…your just making the bird´╗┐ mad and putting a lot of stress on him. Educate yourself a little so your bird does not endure the consequences…

  7. Jacob Barbee
    | Reply

    Are you a´╗┐ moron?

  8. Adam Hernandez
    | Reply

    That is not how you train a. Cockatiel your just make ing´╗┐ him mad

  9. Alexander Herrera
    | Reply

    Hey hey hey she’s my friend don’t say that about her!´╗┐

  10. 0heysnatch
    | Reply

    Dumb kids,´╗┐ I swear!

  11. Taven Shriver
    | Reply

    no that´╗┐ is not ho to

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