How to Train Kittens to Stay Off Kitchen Counters

How to Train Kittens to Stay Off Kitchen Counters. Part of the series: Puppy & Kitten Care. You can train kittens to stay off the kitchen counters by always feeding them at floor level and placing a carpet runner on the countertop surface when you have to leave the house. Keep your kittens earthbound with the help of this free video on puppy and kitten care. Read more:

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

13 Responses

  1. Shannon Smith
    | Reply

    Not helping

  2. Theclassiccarnut
    | Reply

    useless info

  3. Ranaldo Bobsled
    | Reply

    Completely useless video.

  4. Cora Dotson
    | Reply

    That poor kitten just like ok ok where do u want me?

  5. Lezuum
    | Reply

    What about electric mats you can lie out on the kitchen-counter?

  6. osuushiza8
    | Reply

    That is a super calm cat! :p

  7. Mircea Zahan
    | Reply

    I got three cats, all of them walking with no trouble on the "pokey spines". And it looks like there are other people whose cats do the same. This is definitely not working.

  8. Erin Averyt
    | Reply

    I'm currently struggling with this behavior how do I train my cat Steve not to get up on the counter top my roommate is fusterated because of this. I've tried everything

  9. Oh For The Love of Reading
    | Reply

    are you asuing a cats sex

  10. typeOhh
    | Reply

    15seconds in, leading by example huh?….

  11. IMr LAPS
    | Reply

    i havent heard the pennies in a soda can used for training, mentioned in so long.

  12. CC Lauzon
    | Reply

    My cat will walk across tacks to get where she wants. They don't care.

  13. Torquemada X
    | Reply

    I love short hair on women.

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