How To Train An Inexperienced Horse (Lesson) – Dressage Mastery TV Ep 103

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Today Natasha gives you some insight on how to train an inexperienced horse by giving Amy a lesson so that you can see the mistakes and corrections she needs to make when training Helena, a young Friesian mare. Enjoy and we look forward to hearing your feedback and if this was helpful for you.

You’ll love all the learnings from this video. It’s a great lesson.

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We hope you enjoy this video and learn lots from this lesson.

Until next week, happy and safe riding 🙂

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27 Responses

  1. Anna Kozlow
    | Reply

    Thank you for this clip, I'm working with 4 year old Silesian gelding and I thought i did good up untill now. Now I know I do it right 🙂 I love your movies and i follow your channel. Thanks very much for your work.

  2. Josie Rose
    | Reply

    More of this please! Seeing a horse who doesn't know the basics so well, and seeing the change is really interesting.

  3. DreamRaiderr
    | Reply

    What a helpful video! This is the exact thing I'm having trouble with on my young horse. thank you so much

  4. Becky Alexander
    | Reply

    These horses ride like luxury sedans. My arabian rides more like a sport car. Now if only the brakes would become more reliable…

  5. Christy Steinert
    | Reply

    I am a very good jumper but I want to learn dressage desperately from watching your videos I am all in I can't wait to find a trainer who can help me out. Of course, I will be joining your subscription program. Thank you for helping me decide what I should do next. Dressage Here I Come!!!!

  6. Sarah McLean
    | Reply

    Hi, I have an ex-racehorse that came out of racing last October. I want to make him a show jumper but I do want to make sure his flatwork is good. He moves well and responds very well to my seat (little hands/leg needed). The problem I'm having at the moment is he has a very short strided trot. Is there anything I can do to improve his trot and get him to extend?

  7. Janice Johnson
    | Reply

    I know what to expect from my new mare when I get under saddle now.  Thanks for sharing this, very helpful.

  8. Erin Jones
    | Reply

    Great video so help full

  9. ginger cox
    | Reply

    Wonderful mini training lesson. I'm like you, I was just riding my horse with an occasional thought about bending or flexion.

  10. ginger cox
    | Reply

    Wonderful mini training lesson. I'm like you, I was just riding my horse with an occasional thought about bending or flexion.

  11. Knycoa
    | Reply

    This is so so helpful! Your videos are my bible right now.

  12. Brakefield Equestrian
    | Reply

    This really helps! I'm still working with my Hunter horse who is a very unfocused and hot headed OTTB and I've been so concerned over all the wrong things. Instead of worrying about his headset of a giraffe I have focused on his shoulders, my body and his core, and his hind and he has totally done a 360 thanks to your videos! No more fighting! He may not always willing get bring his head down but the more I discipline his hind and core the more consistent his head becomes❤️🍾 Thanks so much Natasha for the help!

  13. GrandStyle Furniture
    | Reply

    THANK YOU for making dressage riding techniques and methodology so easy to understand! I have learned more watching a handful of your videos than the hours of esoteric and vague "instruction" I've found elsewhere!!!

  14. Kristine McClain
    | Reply

    Hi Natasha, my horse has a terrible problem with falling in on his left shoulder. I try to do leg yields. He turns his head away from the circle. I try to make it Bigger. He doesn't listen to my leg at all. I open the hand like on this video. It's like he just doesn't listen or tries to avoid the work. He does great going the other way,,, of course,,,. Sometimes he puts his head behind the vertical. I just had his teeth done to so i know that's not it…. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  15. Nade's HQ Tonner
    | Reply

    Great video 🙂 Do you have a video about dealing with a horse who keeps trying to have there head up high. How do you bring it back down?

  16. TumbelinaNZL
    | Reply

    Love it! I learn so much from just watching. Your instructions are so clear and obviously from seasoned experience, I find these videos very valuable

  17. Ellie Schooling
    | Reply

    Great video, very helpful!

  18. Jazzy Happy
    | Reply

    Can u please do a video on how to canter in ur half seat. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  19. Amart145
    | Reply

    This was really helpful thank you!

  20. Sienna Nicole
    | Reply

    This is exactly what I needed. I have a off the track thoroughbred whose slightly ADD and gets sooo distracted by things outside of the ring and falls in terribly especially at the canter. Thank you so very much for this video!!!!

  21. Jennifer May
    | Reply

    my 7yr old friesian gelding consistently falls in and i was having trouble getting flexion, and so these tips really help!

  22. R F
    | Reply

    This was awesome !

  23. Renske vh17
    | Reply

    I'm riding a young horse and for me (I'm almost 16) it is the first time. I rode only old mare's and geldings so it is a new experience for me. The horse I ride also 'zig zag'. Sometimes I don't understand it and I want that she does what I tell her to do, but at that moment is think: she is a young horse, WE have to learn this together! The riding is going realy well and I learn so much, but there are still some things we have to learn like her back had to be activated but then she put her head up so I can't ride with her legs underneath her. so we have some things to practice!!! Love this video's so much because then I see I'm not the only one who make mistakes when I practice these things and when I watch I see what's wrong so I can change it in my own riding!!(sorry for the bad english 😉

  24. Brooke Cuthbert
    | Reply

    Thank you so much!!
    Amazing video and lesson as usual, helped me so much!❤️

  25. heelsdownlibby
    | Reply

    Great lesson as usual! Thanks for uploading!

  26. Mikaela England
    | Reply

    Why do you prefer colts compared to mares/fillys?

  27. Millie R
    | Reply

    2 minutes ago! im so early! love this video tash! xx

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