How to Train a Western Pleasure Horse

How to Train a Western Pleasure Horse. Part of the series: How to Train a Horse. Before training a Western Pleasure horse, make sure you have a suitable breed. Determine if your horse is a suitable breed to be a Western Pleasure horse with help from a horseback riding instructor in this free video on horse training. Read more:

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. wild horses says:

    I'm planning to train my appendix QH who thinks she's a jumper western pleasure. So far the jog isn't going too bad but the lope is more of a gallop so I'm trying to find tips on how to slow that down without breaking.

  2. Valerie Netto says:

    This is NOT an how to TRAIN a western pleasure horse video. It is a what to LOOK FOR in a western pleasure horse video. There is not one HOW TO in the video.

  3. Trinity Nivens says:

    My throghbred just showed her up. Any breed can do western pleasure because my ottb can do western pleasure

  4. Melanie Helms says:

    Do you know cryslink311? She lives there too!

  5. CatSJBTX says:

    The premise that only stock type horses make good western horses is not correct. I and many people I know have Arabian and Morgan horses who are excellent western horses. Plus we do not allow four beating which is so prevalent in the quarter horse ring. Four beating has been taught as the way things should be done in the quarter horse community and it is unnatural. Four beating should be banned in the show ring as it has been done in the Arabian community.

  6. Anna Taylor says:

    I hate the western pleasure lope it's so dumb and they look lame. (I show western and win without loping like this)

  7. gone riding says:

    Wow she don't even know that a palomino is not a breed it's a color

  8. ~I Love My Horses~ says:

    that's one nasty and painful looking bit

  9. Me_The_Haley HAY says:

    First comment

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