How To Train a Stubborn Dog

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How to get your reactive dog under control on a walk:

How to teach your dog boundaries:

How to teach your dog to stop begging and settle down:

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30 Responses

  1. SleepySinner
    | Reply

    Bro mine is so fucking stubborn
    Me and my mom have never had a dog that does not come when we call 😑
    I take her on walks I take her outside I give her food water I play with her like wth :/

  2. Bryson Forreaux
    | Reply

    I have a great Pyrenees puppy and he is very stubborn already and HE'S ONLY 6 WEEKS OLD. So I know for sure he's going to be stubborn during the training but I really do hope that this video helps so already

  3. Hevvy Rayne
    | Reply

    Duke is the same breed as my baby!

  4. 3 Summer Friends
    | Reply

    I have 2 dachshunds omg they never come! thank you

  5. Jayani Basnayake
    | Reply

    I have a dachshund to and he's stubborn to. But I love him soo much😚

  6. Richard Card
    | Reply

    Need help with a German Shepard lab mix just got him three days ago he’s stubborn and very high strung just need a little help to get him to learn the basics sit,stay,come,and lay down his old owners never had the time to do anything with him which is why I ended up with him

  7. Krzysztof Strzegomski
    | Reply

    Almost half of the video is an ad. Thumb down 🙁

  8. Honey TikTok
    | Reply

    my dog doesn’t eat treats or toys

  9. Sarcastic Disposition
    | Reply

    I have a Doberman she's 2 years old. When we first got her we trained her the basics and walked her around a lot, got her to socialize with other dogs, and people etc. But around that 8 month mark she started to rebel and my mom didn't really try to train her much of the obedience or focus training on her except re-teaching the basic "sit, stay, down" and even then would only listen sometimes. Also she doesn't really take her to the park anymore and only walks her occasionally, which I find pretty sad since Dobey's tend to be very needy. She's is about 2 pounds overweight, she's always hungry but I think that has more to do with the fact she doesn't get as much attention or receiving as much activity as she used to. So I plan on taking her on long walks either in the morning or after work and try to train her again to get her going more to shed off some fat, gain muscle, and to mainly start listening again. Do you have any tips on previously trained adult dogs that are stubborn?

  10. makaila shelton
    | Reply

    I have been training my dog for almost 8 years but still he is lazy nasty fat whiney and stubborn he gets into things and is very annoying and honestly ever since I got him I did not like him that much he breaks through doors and snaps at you when you want him to get off anything he won't play he won't walk he hates me and my family says I'm over reacting and that's how dog are and they spoil him giving him any food he wants and says he is not fat but he is supposed to weigh 15 to 20 pounds he weighs 67 he is a beagle please help me I can't stand him

  11. jiyeon1320
    | Reply

    My stubborn dog doesn't care about treat when she finds something she likes to do… What should I do in this case???

  12. QueVa
    | Reply

    My dog doesn't wanna learn just wanna eat

  13. Irish boy Cian
    | Reply

    Thank for helping I’m gonna try this with my dog mossy oak

  14. Bananabear studios
    | Reply

    I have a douchound and shes a stubborn little asshole who doesnt listen to anyone, but I love her nonetheless

  15. old soul
    | Reply

    Stop trying to sell me sh** and tell me how to train my dog!

  16. Sharky’s Gaming Adventures
    | Reply

    Thank u! ❤️

  17. Bojana Petroska
    | Reply

    Omg this is not a stubborn dog! Hello i am looking for a real help what kind of a BS is this!?!

  18. D's World
    | Reply

    😭 my puppy wouldnt listen during my first attempt which was expected

    But he got in my closet during the night, and ate his whole treat bag

  19. Rue 2.0
    | Reply

    Did you just taste the treats ! Dude you take your job to serious.

  20. Dibenhi Escobar
    | Reply

    My dog is still to stubborn 😪😪

  21. Yash Gupta
    | Reply

    2:25 😂😂😂

  22. OrangiChu
    | Reply

    My dog only gets interested in treats only for a little bit of time and then he just starts laying down right next to me and not interested in treats when I try to get his attention. He also does the same thing with real meat treats. He would rather just lay down and sleep next to me on the floor. He's a 10 month old silky terrier mix

  23. Msi Hrahsel
    | Reply

    Can you please make how to stop dog follow to other dog and try to play with any dog.

  24. Keanu O'Farrell-Carter
    | Reply

    My dog only sits and stays and looks at me…………that’s all yeah that’s it… why is every one looking at my comment

  25. ryan lee
    | Reply

    1:52 to skip all the ads

  26. Tyicola Baughman
    | Reply

    I think my dog will listen.

  27. khloe delania
    | Reply

    My dog was running and he said stuborn and looked at me and barked

  28. Zane Blane
    | Reply

    Too much adverts. UnSubscribed

  29. T S
    | Reply

    I like your promotional stuff

  30. jose duran
    | Reply

    I trained my husky but my German shepherd is so stubborn and don’t listen at all seems off and honestly not smart and I don’t get it

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