How to Train a Spooky and Unpredictable Horse

Hi, I’m Caroline Rider of Rider Horsemanship. This month’s Holistic Horse “Ask the Expert” Q&A is about developing a confident, brave horse, both on the grou…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

9 Responses

  1. Caroline Rider
    | Reply

    Hi Maria! Awesome to hear! Please keep me posted on your progress and feel
    free to contact me with further questions:

  2. Janice Johnson
    | Reply

    Dear Caroline, Want to thank you for sharing all that you do on youtube.
    As I’m a Parelli student, level 4 now, it’s so nice to realize that
    someone shares such important lessons to people who don’t think they need
    that trust and understanding from a horse. I know a lot of trainers who
    just say, ‘they need to just have miles put on them.’ This type of western
    mentality is so sad and I want to thank you. I have shared this site with
    people I know and hope you have a wonderful day…

  3. Maria
    | Reply

    Hello Caroline! Thank you for this great video. It showed me once more that
    getting my horse’s attention is the best way to lead it through “creepy”
    situations. I have a Quarter Horse Mare (12 years) and somtimes she gets
    scared of everything. Especially noises. When I try to get her attention
    and work her, she even explodes more and more. I don’t know how to fix this
    problem. I try to make her circle around me and get her attention but when
    she is in that “scared state of mind” I cannot get her focus back
    sometimes. Do you have any helpful tips for me?

  4. Holistic Horse Media
    | Reply

    My holistic approach focuses on understanding the “why” – why our horse
    spooks. Caroline Rider

  5. FoxLegend17
    | Reply

    I’m training a green Arab gelding and I need some tips. He hates lung lines
    and bucks on his left side when using one. Recently, when I asked him to
    change directions from his right side to his left, he started bucking and
    then ran into the open paddock. It would be great if I could get some
    training tips! 

  6. geehaw93
    | Reply

    Thank you for making these videos and freely distributing them. I just
    discovered your site and will be tuning in more. I don’t have the
    resources to attend clinics or lessons with my horse right now and every
    time I find a video that helps open that door of understanding, even a tiny
    bit, for me and my mare it’s like finding gold. So, thank you first of all.
    I’ll wait on asking questions until I’ve watched more of your videos in
    case you’ve answered them already. For now, I’ll just say that while Hanna
    is a much calmer horse than she was 4 years ago when I got her, I know that
    I still don’t have her mind. When outside of her limited comfort zone she
    is scared to death of everything. I don’t think she’s been abused, just
    that her prey instincts are naturally on the high end of the bell curve. I
    suspect that is why she hadn’t found that forever home yet. I really want
    to be that for her but I’ll tell ya, she wears me down. I’ve had to ask
    myself why I rarely ride this horse that I have wanted my whole life and
    finally have. It’s because she still doesn’t feel confident in my
    leadership after four years of patient loving firmness and I’ve lost
    confidence in my ability to get it.
    That’s enough out of me. Thanks again. -Kelley

  7. Wicca Erika
    | Reply

    I have never seen something like this! I can see it is working for both of
    you, that’s fantastic. But my horse would kill me if i wave my whip around
    to get his attention! I don’t know much about his past. He was dumped at my
    place. But he hates whips. So now im training him that it could be a good
    thing too. I don’t think he will ever completly accept waven it around or
    tap him with it. He already response way to haevy on my leg movement! Still
    learned a lot of this video! Thanks!

  8. Khak Suvich
    | Reply

    This vdo is great for me,understand more.Thanks for sharing.

  9. Nadine Lindblom
    | Reply

    Great video :)

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