HOW to Train a Real Protection Dog (

Our LIVE dog training classroom is here:
How to train a protection dog the K9-1 way. Don’t attempt to train a protection dog, guard dog, or any type of attack dog without the guidance of a responsible and professional dog trainer. We offer protection dog training instruction at our facility and network with other protection dog trainers online. Always do your research before you buy or consider a protection dog,

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

14 Responses

  1. Dog Training by
    | Reply

    Our LIVE dog training classroom is here:

  2. Nina Jessy
    | Reply

    Can I do this with my 4 months old?

  3. NoraPepperVids21
    | Reply

    Guy: get out of here
    also guy: your not going anywhere

  4. May Turangan
    | Reply

    Looking so beautiful and smart k9 and the trainer,,,good job

  5. Hsoj ILE
    | Reply

    Just watched Once upon a Time in Hollywood, now I need me a dog that can kill psychotic hippies

  6. ChickenSquabble
    | Reply

    This would also make good training for turning soy boys into actual boys.

  7. Joltran
    | Reply


  8. cjkatbruno
    | Reply

    needed to run down there with the dog and let him save the day this was bull shit

  9. wala lihowa
    | Reply

    Boring again

  10. Stephanie Edwards
    | Reply

    What Mussel did you use

  11. Freon Stories and Poems
    | Reply

    This reminds me of bolt!

  12. Shaun West
    | Reply

    Pass auf is not correct it's pronounced p(ah)ss auf. Like ahhhh when you open your mouth, good video!

  13. hifli danni
    | Reply

    The dog is too old to learn this. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks. It’s like teaching a grown woman how to do the right thing in a relationship. They know but won’t do it cause they stuck in they ways

  14. Alan Halpin
    | Reply

    thats a fail . your pall shouldn't be muscled

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