How to Train a Rat to Walk on Their Hind Legs

In this video, Blackberry and Latte demonstrate how you can train your rat to walk on their hind legs. This is a great beginner trick for building your rats confidence. Enjoy!

– “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Josh Woodward. Free download:

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5 Responses

  1. uitjebolsmurf
    | Reply


    When you have time.. any ideas about the walking upright training video? Do you see any behavorial signs in him that I am using an incorrect method? Or do you have tips for me on how to improve my method?

    Older video:
    Video from 3/22:
    Also see comment below this one.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. uitjebolsmurf
    | Reply

    My rat doesn't like walking on his hind legs unsupported. I had to start training him to stand up and lean against 2 fingers and then slowly moved the fingers away from him while he still leaned against them. To get him to take the first step took me quite a while, maybe 5 sessions. We are a month or so further now and 5 more longer sessions and he can do 3 to 4 steps while still being supported by my fingers. I lure him with a spoon with mashed potato on it (a reward treat that has high value to him) that I hold up and in front of him and then slowly move my finger.

    What made some of my tricks more difficult for us was that in the beginning I had trained him to be gentle with his nails when grabbing onto me, or when I picked him up from the cage and he latched on with his hind legs.
    He still scratches me with his hind legs sometimes, which can be quite painful sometimes. But he can't be blamed for that. He is a big rat, even for my large hands and needs to be supported when you pick him up, because one hand is not enough to grab him.

    I train him on the couch next to me between me and the playcage or on the couch with just a wooden cabin on one side with some extra towels and some kitchenpaper towels for when he needs to pee. He then has about 2 foot training space.
    I am satisfied with 3 to 4 steps, and he can now do those fairly comfortably, but there has to be a high value reward treat for him to do this trick.
    And after a while he does get bored with it and tries to walk around my hand to grab the food 😉

    Small demo:

  3. Sisi Amber
    | Reply

    Amazing video! This is one of my favourite tricks. As soon as Amber has mastered the 'fetch the spool' trick, I will teach her to do it (Sisi already learnt this).

  4. TheBalls
    | Reply

    At what age would you start training? My rats are only about two and a half months old. They were feeders before i bought them and I'm just getting them used to being held and pet. Right now they have pretty short attention spans 😂

  5. Brooklynn Lavoy
    | Reply

    What kinds of treats are you using in the video ?

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