How To Train A Rat To Give Paw – Audio tutorial

In this video, Latte demonstrates how to train a rat to paw/shake your finger. This video has been re-edited and I have added a voiceover. Enjoy!

– “Violet Wants It Her Way” by Josh Woodward. Free download:

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

9 Responses

  1. social - disaster
    | Reply

    The idea of making my rats do tricks makes me feel icky (even though I know it's fun for them), but I think I'll do this one.

  2. Alieena Amos
    | Reply

    Where have you gotten your baby rats from? My two baby boys well there definitely not babies anymore but I've had them since they were born sense they were born at my house. Well there getting old now. And I've used all your videos on training them. There bond with me is incredible. They followed me in a line like little ducklings when I walk to my house, they play with my hand like it's a toy. And they're just like my little babies, and since they were getting older when they pass and after year I'm sure they will… and instead of dreading in my loss to them. I wanted to celebrate there life with a baby rat. And I just wanted to know if you get them from a pet store as baby's or another person.

  3. Eva Nichol
    | Reply

    this is so cool, it is a way easier and better video on tutorials! it doesn't just have a bunch of words that confuse you, it has proper speech and a good view from the camera on what to do! very helpful thank you <3

  4. Thunder Paws
    | Reply

    Aww! It's like a mini cute doggo! ❤️

  5. Lirbs
    | Reply

    So cute! I finally uploaded something on my channel 😉

  6. Mania the Rat
    | Reply

    Your voice is so pleasant and the video is very good tutorial!Thank you!!!

  7. The Pawesome Gang
    | Reply

    Aww so cute!

    | Reply

    My rat won't do tricks outside of its tank, it just likes to go around exploring everywhere and I don't let it because it can get lost in my house going under beds and behind furniture. Is there a way to get them to do tricks outside their tanks or are some rats just like this?

  9. Jessica Witt
    | Reply

    The cutest thing i've ever Seen. BTW i Love watching your videos and i Want to train My Future Rats (Getting 4 boys in december) to do such amazing tricks

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