How to Train a Rat to Find and Indicate a Scent

In this video, Shadow demonstrates how you can train your rat to find and indicate a scent (scent discrimination). In this video, I am having my rats find container #3. However, the video clip near the end of this video that shows Shadow knocking down the container to indicate the right one was taken a few months ago, when I was having Shadow indicate container #2.


– “Nincompoop” by Josh Woodward. Free download:
– “Golden Sunrise” by Josh Woodward. Free download:
– “Knock” by Josh Woodward. Free download:
– “On Brevity” by Josh Woodward. Free download:

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

10 Responses

  1. Brain-Circuit
    | Reply

    nice video.. is there any way to train a rat to identify different colors??

  2. latina[]VEGAN[]gal
    | Reply

    they could use them on the police force to sniff out drugs and bombs like dogs do

  3. Panther Owl
    | Reply

    I have been looking for so long to find something like this, I'll definitely give it a try with my boys C:
    Out of curiosity, do you think it would be possible to have them search for a scent, like a police dog does?
    For example, give them the scent of a family member and have them find them. (as the endgoal)

  4. dream
    | Reply

    Hi! I love your vids. This trick is amazing.
    I recently got rats and today I started to try to train them basic tricks. Your vids have been really helpful. I don't understand how you don't have more views? You're like a genius rat trainer. I am sure if it was the same type of vids but for dogs, you would have millions of views.

    I guess not many people own rats? Or not many train them?

    Either way, best of luck.
    I dont usually press like on videos, but I've been liking all your vids because you deserve the extra attention.

    Just a quick question, If any one knows the answer, please tell me.

    I usually let my rats free in the living room because there are not any exposed cables or places for them to get lost or hurt, also obv I am always watching them whilst they are out.
    The only problem is, I am not sure why but they tend to try to eat the plant leaves.
    Out of curiosity, does anyone know why that is?

    I mean, most animals have an instinct to eat appropriate and harmless things, and I have heard that rats will eat anything, but is that really the case?
    Would they really eat something that is for example extremely bitter or that could do harm to them (excluding poisons that actually are made to taste good to rats)?
    Don't rats have that instinct to stay away from poisonous or harmful foods?

  5. Danosaur
    | Reply

    can u actualy hold a rat in a cage Thats made of cardboard?

  6. Erik Romanov
    | Reply

    what is it rewarding the rats with?

  7. Thunder Paws
    | Reply

    That's really cool B)

  8. Suki Rose Willmott
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for all these videos! I adore the ideas you give me for tricks and how to train my ratties! your ratties are so cute and clever too! Please keep making xx

  9. OrdinaryDevin 〰
    | Reply

    What is the treat you are feeding him/her?

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