How to Train a Poodle : Teach Your Poodle to Stay Using These Dog Obedience Training Tips

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn how to teach your poodle to stay in this free online dog obedience training video for pet owners. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact: Bio: Melanie McLeroy co-owns the award winning Taurus Training dog training facility in Austin, Texas. She is also certified in animal CPR and first aid. Filmmaker: EV studios

What do you think?

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23 Responses

  1. veektur123
    | Reply

    i want a stadard poodle so bad but my parents got this stupid papillon instead next dog def a poodle

  2. bffs4ever07
    | Reply

    i hear ya my parents got a chihuahua…

  3. evellyn00
    | Reply

    haha πŸ˜€ I love it when the doggie’s looking for the squirrel despite the trainer’s efforts to get her attention. πŸ™‚ just adorable ! although I wouldn’t want to be in the trainer’s shoes. πŸ˜‰

  4. MizzMaraInHerTiara
    | Reply

    I love meh Standard Poodle Shes called Lottie Getting Another One Soon =]

  5. adev12
    | Reply

    the only poodle fault is that they cannot keep still for more than 3 seconds hahahahaha

  6. blackfavorites
    | Reply

    if u keep trainigur dog like that like feeding it,its going to get fat and eventually die.

  7. QueerC
    | Reply

    Call Cesar for help

  8. dezinemagic1
    | Reply

    Well I am a standard Poodle owner and they are great but paps are good little dogs don’t be down on it train it to do agility and have fun. Someday you may get a Standard but work with what you have.

  9. dezinemagic1
    | Reply

    Using food reward is just one method to train dogs but dogs do not get fat because of them alone they get fat because people do not work their dogs and they let them lay around bored. The dog in the video is not fat and neither is my standard at home and he free eats but he has a job.

  10. normf12
    | Reply

    Hi. I have a standard poodle. That breed is Amazing. They are listed by the kennel club as the smartest dog.

  11. wildy0WNSbh
    | Reply

    the dog wasnt even ucking stairing at u u stupid bitch lmfao suck a dick

  12. TayPooh
    | Reply

    I think this trainer failed in proffing in low distraction places FIRST.The dog is not in tune to her at all,she is missing the chance to reward at the proper time and is using food as a bribe only.
    The dog is too close to the distraction.

  13. sgtmelisa
    | Reply

    I dont see any reason to give her a hard time or say such nasty things. This is dumb and unessary. Most people on you tube are tring to help dog owners not hurt.

  14. mikebordon
    | Reply

    hey wildy0WNSbh: Let me guess, you voted for Obama…

  15. mikebordon
    | Reply

    I wouldn’t mind being in the trainer’s pants! πŸ˜‰ (just joking)

  16. centaros
    | Reply

    μ € 뒀에 뭐가 μžˆλŠ”μ§€ λ‚΄κ°€ λ‹€ κΆκΈˆν•΄μ§„λ‹€ 히히

  17. johnno1188
    | Reply

    id fuck this trainer she is a hot older woman

  18. Queenteam
    | Reply

    This is a good start, and I think it is ment to learn other peopel how to start working. I can also see that this dog is to distracted, and sometimes you need to train with distraction. But if you are a beginner, you need to start up in a easy place with out to many distractions. The reward must come at the rigth second and not to or tre sedonds after the dog did rigth. If youre dog act like this you better go to another place. Clikker is a good way to reward the dog. Learn how se it first.

  19. brandondallas
    | Reply

    Potty mouth.

  20. julio708619
    | Reply

    coco is my dog and he hates erik my brother

  21. moviedudette
    | Reply

    LOL DUH if ur the dogs true owner then if u hate ur brother sometimes then your dog will. just like my teacup poodle.

  22. steven688
    | Reply

    I have a mix named coco and she is the sweetest dog in the world.

  23. BBGenelie
    | Reply

    the whole squirrel thing reminds me of the dogs from the movie up.

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