How to Train a Parakeet to Do Tricks
Are you a pet bird lover, especially parakeets? We have tricks for you on how you can teach your parakeet to do tricks.

Parakeets, or budgies, are small parrots that are very social and friendly with humans. Stocked in most pet stores and much cheaper than other species of parrots, they make a great first pet for children who are eager to have a companion. They are fairly resilient and, with time and patience, can learn to do a number of tricks. Here’s how to train a parakeet to do tricks: – waysandhow, diy video

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13 Responses

  1. Toby Wigley
    | Reply

    It's simple, Just go to woodprix page – and enter the Wood World.

  2. cupcake sienna
    | Reply

    I heard that parakeets learn your ring tone and copy it because they like to see you run to your phone

  3. Human4873
    | Reply

    My budgies don't care much for spray millet but will go crazy for bell peppers

  4. Camen Sn 122
    | Reply

    I have been trying to tame my bird for 8 months and it's still really scared taming videos don't help and it just doesn't do anything ;-;

  5. TheCupcakecutie57
    | Reply

    help please ways and how. My parakeet has learned step up and hand shake without a treat. he doesn't eat spray millet or diy treats. I taught him all that in 3 days. from when I first got him… but he doesn't bite… at all! I've tried target or touch training a few times a day but he won't bite it or come close to it! what should I so?

  6. That Nerd
    | Reply

    How many times should you train them? like once a day or once a week?

  7. Lay's Classic Potato Chips
    | Reply

    My parakeets are dead.

  8. Mickey JO c
    | Reply

    If you block this person they will not be able to keep posting on your videos Shaira N

  9. Donald Trump
    | Reply

    I should train mexicans with a clicker and a reward like 5 min to work in the USA

  10. Iqra Waheed
    | Reply

    can you make a "clock" sound with your tongue instead of buying a clicker

    | Reply

    Does this work on all parakeets, or just the (Budgerigar / Budgie)? Remember, there are many different types of parakeet (the Budgerigar being just one. Time to call these birds by their correct name, America!

  12. Allaboutanimals389
    | Reply

    Good vid but why can't I just make a click sound with my mouth

  13. Rocio De la cruz
    | Reply

    look up Ángel the parakeet on the faceBook pages

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