how to train a mini horse for halter

This is a video on how I train my mini horses for halter class.

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4 Responses

  1. Jenna Chynoweth
    | Reply

    The youngest horse I took to a show was 7 weeks old, but your foal has to
    be ready and you will need to take the foals mom to show as well. If you
    can’t calmly walk your foal around the yard or down the road with out mom
    then the foal will not be happy at the show. If you want to show a foal you
    got to work with them an build their confidence. And you can not go to show
    expecting to place, the show is just for training, it’s to get your foal
    out exposed. You can take your foal in all kinds of halter class,
    showmanship, custom, even in hand trail however a point qualifying show may
    DQ because in Oder to compete in trail class your horse must he a yearling,
    doesn’t mean you can’t compete just means you want place, which is fine
    your should be more concerned with the training of your foal. Expect that
    at the show your foal will want to play in the classes and that’s ok. Here
    is a link of my 7 week old foal at his first show

  2. callie and sunday
    | Reply

    This was very helpful I’m staring my first mine so this helped a lot

  3. Hunterjumpergirl888
    | Reply

    awesome video!! I’m just starting to train my mini and this helped a lot!!!

  4. kolbi willis
    | Reply

    how old does the horse have to be to show.

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