How to train a kitten to play gently – Cat training tips How to train a kitten to play gently – Cat training tips Kittens are impossibly cute and playful–unless pl…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. How do i stop her?

  2. My kitten scratches me when i pet her. It gets blood out of it.

  3. Cynthia Serrano says:

    my kitty bites so hard and scratches :(

  4. Your thumbnail is VERY misleading. Dislike!

  5. mishahappy1990 says:

    That guy is cute..!!

  6. dragonsissiy says:

    in my experience when the cat is doing something you don’t like, like what you said, I make a PPSSSSSTTT sound very loudly. Scares them every time and makes them stop what they are doing. They learn quick what that noise means.

  7. S.S Repulse ssr says:

    My kitten bites me everytime she is near me

  8. aaronownedyou says:

    yeah my cats not too hyper, but everytime my little cousins play with him they just take all the training i gave him and threw it in the trash its so annoying!

  9. Coral Nalty says:

    I tried what you said about keeping still and saying something to tell them its wrong but my kitten just still jumps to my hand and bites it when im still. Help?

  10. Yah, not mine. My cat hurt me. Try the video - Does your cat bite?

  11. faisal khan says:

    i want a cat which is some time active and moderate playful not need too much attention as i have to go to work  – moderate attention and intelligent in a way and are independent so which breed would u prefer for these activites

  12. heavymetalbanshee says:

    No, if I wanted a pet I’d have bought one myself. They got her fixed a week before I moved out. Fortunately and unfortunately its not my problem any more.

  13. HowdiniGuru says:

    Sorry for the delay, YT is having issues getting comments to us! You are doing great by watching videos and trying to educate yourself.

  14. HowdiniGuru says:

    You have to keep being consistent and persistent with your Persian. They do have different personalities and temperaments so it will take longer for that one.

  15. HowdiniGuru says:

    Sorry for the delayed response, YT is having issues getting comments to us…It is a HUGE financial responsibility to have a pet, but are you in any position to have this cat fixed so she will not go into heat anymore? Will your flatmates allow your to “claim” ownership of her? That way you can work with her and try to train her yourself.

  16. I find it can come in handy in some situations, I mean you never know how people react to other animals biting them.

    I’ve witnessed my friend’s dog getting slapped by a woman after he bit her.
    It was a playful bite, not really that hard but some people tend to be way too overdramatic 😐

  17. Janice June says:

    My siamese cat does work with this…. but my persian cat is just so mean to me, he keeps hurting me and I have bandages all over

  18. Jersey Verne says:

    I tried it and it really works yiks

  19. Jenny Lopez says:

    I have a kitten of 3 months, she’s since 1 month with me, and from that I have playing with her with interactive toys, however, I still bite, I screeched as you would one of their siblings when they are playing, and if gets really rough time I give out. But still biting and now when I’m walking cast on me, without scratching, but I still worry that becoming a future misbehavior. What do you recommend I can do?

  20. Howdini? lol My kitten’s name is Houdini  ^.^

  21. Lloyd Harris says:

    i jus got 2 kittens. any advice for me. my first time havin cats

  22. alejandro rivera says:

    Training pets for me its like torture to then i let my pets do whatever the hell they want they deserve freedom not training

  23. SvenTviking says:

    Teach the kitten to play gently?!?!?!? What’s the fun in that? Mine tear me to bits!

  24. First and most important would be to have TWO kittens! Don’t turn your kitten into a sad autist by depriving it of company. They need an other kitten at a similar age to release their energy. Cats are no solitary animals, if you give them the chance to socialise normally.

  25. heavymetalbanshee says:

    I don’t think my flatmates trained the cat at all its so annoying. The guy plays with it with his hands all the time, so of course she attacks you if you wave your hand about too much. It’s almost 2 and they haven’t bothered getting her fixed yet (house cat) so shes in heat constantly and wont shut up and keeps peeing on everything. Don’t even know why they bothered getting one if they aren’t going to take care of it properly.

  26. So THIS is why I have claw marks on my hands… naww..

  27. Hes sick

  28. FindAnipals says:

    Great tip

  29. HowdiniGuru says:

    Lol! 😉

  30. ClancyTheAmazon says:

    Meow! I can say that! I’m also being trained to play gentle!

  31. When I become a statue the claws still dig in and she starts climbing me and purrin … What am I supposed to do

  32. alejandro rivera says:

    I got 2 kittens and their more playful than the word

  33. Alright thank you! I’ll check it out 🙂

  34. HowdiniGuru says:

    If he is purring this is normal and a sign of him being happy and comfortable. If he is wheezing and sneezing this is different and needs to be examined.

  35. HowdiniGuru says:

    We are so glad that you had thing work out for you and your kitty. Yes, they are very clever! ;)

  36. HowdiniGuru says:

    Keep working with him. Be persistent and consistent.

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