How to Train a Horse to Jump

Training a horse to jump requires mastering ground jumps at a trot and a canter, gaining excellent control over the horse, and then moving to more advanced s…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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31 Responses

  1. pwcarr
    | Reply

    lovely horse and rider…have to agree with AllieLover147 that I would love to see more horse training videos with green horses verses well schooled.

  2. AmeliaBrenes5
    | Reply

    Do you teach your horse this in one day!? That’s fast…

  3. Horsecrazy953
    | Reply

    I don’t care what my horse will look like but I just want a horse with a big heart to put me in

  4. sayg00dnightandg0
    | Reply

    what if your horse is western and doesn’t know how to jump?

  5. tubbles1121
    | Reply

    There is many things that cause refusing. fear of jump, maybe he/she is uncomfortable with teh height of teh jump, improper riding. not saying ur not riding right just lsitign what could be happening. id lunge your horse over teh jump and make sure your horse isnt over jumping and is comfortable and in teh correct frame i had a mare tha over jumped caused her some pain. also if you happen to be nervous about a jump your horse will most likely avoid it, and dont look at teh pole look over it

  6. tubbles1121
    | Reply

    the horse is in a loose ring snaffle and every trainer and vet ive ever met says dont put pressure on both reins u apply to one then the other. otherwise you get a nutcracker action. my horse was injured from someone doing that. im not trying bein rude but thats how i was taught aswell but i ride and jump in a pelham so i dont have to use a snaffle on my horse. ill give his lead changes are off tho

  7. Kaylee O.
    | Reply

    You have a very beautiful horse!!! I ride a horse that looks like that in my lessons an hopefully I am going to be getting my own English horse and start jumping!!! I’m really excited!!!

  8. rafal ammro
    | Reply

    its annoying how u move from trot to canter and from canter to a trot all the time , that makes the horse untrained !

  9. marie wright
    | Reply

    hey i am a beggener rider and the first time i jumped was not on purpose now i jump all the time but me horse avoids the jump. i do not have a trainer so PLEASE help me thank you

  10. Nicole Black
    | Reply

    However…that being said you are a lovely pair. Good luck. And again, forgive my candor. It was such a nice video…but see sawing his bit in end…not cool. It diminishes your credibility as rider and possible trainer/professional.

  11. Nicole Black
    | Reply

    See sawing the bit reeks poor horsemanship. Also…this horse is obviously well schooled and isn’t actually learning how to jump. I’d be interested in watching a green/young horse who has never jumped. Furthermore, this lovely horse’s lead change on right rear is slow. Indicating he is sore/tight (that also explains buck at lead switch) This issue is most likely being caused from the horse being ridden in incorrect frame – i.e. rider bending him at wrong vertebra. Please forgive my candor.

  12. Lottshorse
    | Reply

    It’s not that easy. What if you can’t even get the horse over the ground pole?

  13. xJourneyToTheBluex
    | Reply

    I saw it too, at the very end.

  14. Whiz2012
    | Reply

    @Truman Whitehead

  15. horseluver51000
    | Reply

    I think she was just trying to half-halt him in between and he got a little annoyed. It’s not *always* the riders fault. This horse was sort of in a sour mood. However, if her reins would have been shorter she could have been able to collect him more quickly.

  16. Sarah Foster
    | Reply


  17. HannuGirl10
    | Reply

    i didnt say she yanked, she sawed

  18. Sarah Foster
    | Reply

    she didnt yank.

  19. HannuGirl10
    | Reply

    i didnt like the way she see-sawed on the horses mouth in the very end

  20. rose nolte
    | Reply

    Your horse is cute!

  21. CoreGoddess
    | Reply

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  22. CoreGoddess
    | Reply

    nice advice

  23. foxglory123
    | Reply

    You are such a beautiful rider, and you have such a beautiful horse. This was very helpful for me! I have an arab mare who is just learning to jump. Thank you for this!

  24. Amanda M
    | Reply

    Some trainers believe that cross rails unfairly punish inexperienced horses for not being straight, and are more beneficial when it comes to teaching the rider to maintain straightness (on an experienced horse).

  25. Amanda M
    | Reply

    Could not agree more, well said!

  26. Truman Whitehead
    | Reply

    I think she is doing it very well. As a horse trainer myself I understand that there are as many different ways to train a horse as there are trainers, so in the future if you plan on bad mouthing someone you should probably remember that you have never tried their method and it may very well be better than yours. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and be positive for once, the results might surprise you.

  27. theyatemahlaser
    | Reply

    that is one…gorgeous… hunter…wow.

  28. bruskie4
    | Reply

    Beautiful horse!

  29. kittena20
    | Reply

    I think u should actually do it with a horse that has never jumped or is a dangerous refuser, cause this teaches nothing when the horse already knows what it’s doing.

  30. horseyhoegal123
    | Reply

    your horse is so pretty!

  31. englishridinggirl
    | Reply

    for sure…lots of smart people here, not sure why she did not realize all of this..she rides very pretty

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