How to Train a Horse to Jump

►The following will teach you how to train a horse to jump. Realize that before you even consider jumping you should have excellent flat work and unquestioned leadership at the three basic gaits. It is possible that you may be unable to get your horse to jump the first few times, but it’ll catch the gist of it pretty quickly ✔

► Tips
+ Don’t take it too quickly, if you rush a horse he may not be mentally or physically ready and you’ll end up with a horse that balks or ducks out of jumps.
+ Ask a professional or a more experienced rider for help if you’re having trouble with this.
+ At first jump cross poles not walls or you could injure yourself or your horse.
+ Do not let your horse pick up speed irrationally. When a horse lands a jump he’s automatically moving faster, but when he gets going too fast you can’t control him.
+ When you’re going over the lower heights, don’t change your posture over the jump or you will confuse your horse. He’s still adjusting his stride for the poles, so don’t throw him off balance. When you reach 18 inches (45.7 cm), go into a slight two-point.
+ Make sure someone is with you when you’re jumping. Either that, or have a cell-phone handy and tell friends or family where you’re going before you go jumping.
+ Never push your horse over a fence if he is not comfortable with it. Give him time to see and smell a new jump.
+ Always approach the jump straight on, not at an angle.
+ Jumping puts a lot of strain on a horse’s pasterns. Be sure to do a lot of flat work before jumping to strengthen him and create more flexibility.
+ Make sure you have a good rhythm of trot/canter before they jump otherwise your jump may be messy, your horse may refuse it or run out of it. In your approach to the jump don’t rush into it so fast that your mount has no idea what he’s jumping over but not so slowly that the horse cannot even pick himself over the jump ✔

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    This makes me sad 😭 why just HE not she or the horse 🐴. Does it really have to be he or him and the tutorial ISNT really good. Mabe if you are ott and super safe. I DONT like to be a hater but this is is a bit too I don't wanna say this but easy for a horse/pony I mean come on! They're bloody horses for god sake. Like if u agree

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