How To Train a Horse to be Light & Supple – Demo & Test for Reining, Cutting or Trail Riding

To learn more about getting a horse light and supple , go to: This video demonstrates just how impor…

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44 Responses

  1. ltrocha
    | Reply

    View this training video and pay attention to the number of times I STOP
    this horse.

    Watch closely and see if you can detect HOW I asked this horse to stop.
    What cues did I use?

    Type your answer below the video in the “Comments”. Don’t worry, I
    won’t criticize if you get it wrong.

    I’m just interested to see how many folks get it right. Thanks for
    participating. I’m looking forward to your answer.
    Larry T

  2. Emery Perry
    | Reply

    I believe you relaxed in the seat and took you feet of of him. What is the
    bit are you using if you can disclose it? If it’s what I think is it’s a
    great bit.

  3. yknowthatgirl
    | Reply

    The horse I’m riding will kind of yo-yo. I do the bump/seesaw, and I let go
    once she goes to put her head down, but it immediately comes right back up.

  4. Shannon Seibert
    | Reply

    I wish you guys would show the bits you use on your horse.. from when you
    1st start breaking them.

  5. Becky McDougall
    | Reply

    great video but I do have one question.. how do you tie the knot in the

    | Reply

    I believe you dont stop that horse, he did it by his own , thats my
    opinion. thanks

  7. ltrocha
    | Reply
  8. sherry susan
    | Reply

    27 … I have the Slow Lope session, but have only watched the first 3
    clips, I’ve been busy Riding my hoss’s, was a Beautiful weekend here in the
    Heartland & I want to Go as much as I can before the snow flies … just
    attended a weekend clinic presented by a John Lyons certified trainer this
    weekend . . . spare me Mr Larry!

  9. hannah strickland
    | Reply

    4 times, you sat deep in the saddle, stopped actively riding and your left
    hand settled on his withers.

  10. John mannebach Horsemanship
    | Reply

    You dropped your heels and stopped asking for forward movement.

  11. pat samet
    | Reply

    i shall 3 stops hands seat and legs

  12. Gill Applegate
    | Reply

    Hi Larry, I think you stopped your horse 4 times, he did stop very shortly
    another time. Each time you stopped you did nothing! just stopped riding
    Gill (UK)

  13. Beth Kroetsch
    | Reply

    You are asking your horse to stop with your seat. When your seat stops
    moving and becomes heavy he will stop.

  14. William Pointer
    | Reply

    Shifting forward momentum to a slight resistance. Horse since your “seat
    change”. That is the que to stop. 

  15. Tayloranne53
    | Reply

    You stopped 4.5 times.. the half was a stop but not for long. Transfer the
    weight to your back pockets to stop the horse or sit deep in the saddle and
    release the pressure on his sides. The cues were very subtle

  16. Diana Bayer
    | Reply

    If a horse hangs on the bit and is not supple, it is a problem with the
    hind legs, everything that happens up front is a direct result of the hind
    quarter, if he doesn’t give he is not bad, or stupid he is physically
    unable, ask yourself why. when you have a horse that is uncomfortable in
    his body (sore, or a crooked rider for example) and then you force the head
    and bump and seesaw and force him to put his head where you want it without
    considering his physical needs then you are a poor trainer. If instead you
    rode him correctly from behind and placed his hind legs in the correct
    position and left his head alone, his head would fall to where you need it
    without all the big bits and jabbing in the jaw.

  17. TamaraLynn Undrhill
    | Reply

    you actually stopped him 3 times by not driving him forward, he thought
    about stopping once in the beginning but you continued to drive him
    forward. When you want the stop, you stopped riding.

  18. Maureen Maurer
    | Reply

    As I watched you I counted three stops. Cues that I saw posture deep in the
    saddle no leg and a pull and release with your reins. My horse doesn’t
    always respond the first time I have to repeat pull and release.

  19. Becky Hall
    | Reply

    Thanks for the great video, there is always more to learn it seems.

    You relaxed your body, and stopped riding. I didn’t actually see you do
    this but I believe you also closed your fingers – so you are literally
    riding the horse with your finger tips.

  20. S Row
    | Reply

    Stopped 4 times when you stopped riding. Thanks for the help with
    lightness. Good stuff

  21. James Geist
    | Reply

    Great video and very well trained horse. You released your leg pressure and
    relaxed in the seat, sitting deep in the saddle as to let the horse know
    you were done riding for a few seconds. also you would open your hands and
    take a little pressure off the reins

  22. Shane Marsh
    | Reply

    I saw you ask for the stop three times queing him by dropping your hand to
    his wither releasing all the pressure, Tim

  23. Michael Maust
    | Reply

    Turn your toes in and release leg pressure

  24. Heather D
    | Reply

    Looks like you stopped 4 times, and you quit riding/relaxed your seat/body
    to get the stop. Also I did notice you lowered you reins. Nice! 

  25. Mark Hartman
    | Reply

    Four stops. The first was a combination of a one rein stop and you quit
    riding. The other three stops were you just quit riding him.

  26. Jennifer Thompson
    | Reply

    Dear Mr. Trochanter your beautiful horse stopped because you stopped
    riding: Your body is not telling your horse to move forward. I started my
    horse with your technique and he stops when I stop with no reins. Hope this
    is right:-) 

  27. Samantha Tognetti
    | Reply

    You stopped riding. Relaxed your seat and legs. It appears you also
    dropped your reins slightly.

  28. Laura Sager
    | Reply

    I wish you could come to the east coast. Love your training style, love
    your videos; would be nice to experience it in 3D with instant feedback.

  29. Wendy Stone
    | Reply

    Hey Larry, great video. You stopped him 4 times by stopping riding by
    sitting relaxed and deep in the saddle.

  30. captainbill737
    | Reply

    Horse is trained to read your seat. When you quit riding he shuts down.

  31. Bob Majaury
    | Reply

    Five stops. You stopped riding and relaxed everything. Well trained horse!

  32. Denis Humphreys
    | Reply

    Hi Larry, thanks again for a very informative video. Having watched the
    video I think you stopped the horse 4 times predominately by relaxing the
    pressure of your legs on the horse, once I think you also relaxed your body
    and sat on your pockets as an additional cue. Again, thanks for the video
    they are always appreciated. Denis Humphreys Tamworth NSW Australia.

  33. Debbie Nelson
    | Reply

    I believe you stopped him 5 times, relaxing your legs and by just stopping
    your energy.

  34. Kati Wilson
    | Reply

    It looks to me like you release the spurs and relax your legs while you

  35. roomoo31
    | Reply

    Looks like you gave a cue with both leg against the horse to brings his
    hind legs under him so he would stop on his hind end and just stopped
    moving your own body.

  36. Tina Cobb
    | Reply

    I thought I saw 6 stops…including the ones during the initial supple
    exercises. Best I could tell was you sat deeper, maybe relaxed your legs.
    Thanks for the free video!

  37. Terrie Goiney
    | Reply

    the horse stopped when you quit riding with your feet and seat. Freeman
    bit..from WA.

  38. Jim McGrann
    | Reply

    Hi Larry, not sure if the stop during the supple exercise counts but here
    are the two that I counted…
    stops and cues
    1 – 1min 17secs
    relax seat and release all drive pressure
    2 – 2mins 40
    relax seat, light pressure on mouth
    I am registered on your site as circlej

  39. Shannon Seibert
    | Reply

    Thanks for getting back to me.

  40. Willard Chapman
    | Reply

    I believe you stopped 7 times. You used your feet by squeezing to go and
    releasing to stop. Several of you’re stops were very short but there was a
    break in stride.

  41. Teendottiz
    | Reply

    So I got overzealous and typed my answer on the “comments” on your website.
    Haha oops. Anyways here it is again:

    I saw 3 full stops. The first “stop” doesn’t count because you’re still
    asking for lateral flexion even though the horse isn’t travelling forward.
    When you asked for the stop your body relaxed and you lowered your hands…
    You “quit riding him”. 🙂


  42. rockinrosie123
    | Reply

    I believe you stopped him 5 times. It looked as if you took your legs off
    of him to stop.

  43. kdskjerve
    | Reply

    You quit riding him, and sit down in the saddle

  44. Kevin Manker
    | Reply

    4 times. the first thing you did was quit riding him. Then you bumped with
    the reins to remind him to stop

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