How to Train a Dog to “Sit” (

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44 Responses

  1. Christian Prepper
    | Reply

    Consider simply saying “sit” without preceding it with their name. In other
    word, do not say their name in conjunction to the command. Also try not to
    speak at all when rewarding a dog with a treat because just as you pointed
    out, a dog should not always require the treat or praise with the exception
    of periodic/annual reinforcement. *GREAT VIDEOS!*

  2. Alma Malikic
    | Reply

    this really help thanks

  3. Pete's Multirotor Channel
    | Reply

    These videos are the greatest, I’m so grateful for them thank you!

    My question isn’t covered here though so I’m hoping I can get an answer

    At what point do I do this training (which works great) and stop offering
    treats? My pup *knows* what the three things I’ve taught her mean and does
    them willingly! but I’m still giving treats to reinforce the behavior. When
    is it ok to stop?

  4. lecksuus
    | Reply

    im sorry how can i train my dog? i was looking at your nice body all the

  5. Roger Osorio
    | Reply

    When do you suggest moving on to the next lesson? For example from sit to
    down? And in which order should I start the lessons, from sit to down to
    heel? Is there a good order to follow? Thank you. 

  6. Savage Faith
    | Reply

    What age can I teach my dog commands?

  7. muismaki de lange
    | Reply

    I only teached my dog to walk next to md to not pull follow stay running
    next to the bike with or without an leach to go (saying u can poop an pie
    xD) and i tryed learning the basics buth it didnt work out gonna try this

  8. tigox brata
    | Reply

    what kind of treats do you use? how many sessions a day and what time per

  9. Nguyen Nhi
    | Reply

    First, you need to know your dog’s behavior and start treating your dog as
    the way they think if you want to put an end to the unexpected biting,
    chewing, digging from your dog.

  10. Nunya Business
    | Reply

    Love her training methods! Very calm and excellent techniques!

  11. Ravice Crowner
    | Reply

    I’ve always wanted a trained dog. Thanks to you I can finally have one.

  12. Trampoukosss
    | Reply

    my dog doesnt sit when i keep walking i must stop also so he can sit, what
    to do

  13. schwarzehexe0515
    | Reply

    I use the word “yes” to mark the behavior or as your free command, when I
    want to add duration I use the word “Good” then mark + treat, so in this
    case I train one behavior (the action of sit) separated of the behavior of
    stay sited (add duration), in this way there is no confusion for the dog he
    know my mark means “I did it right, and I am free to receive or to go for
    my reward, I find that once the dog know that if there is no mark (yes) the
    exercise is not finished yet so instead of being difficult to teach the
    duration this makes it very easy. 

  14. piiglet
    | Reply

    My dog is too crazy it didn’t work on her lol

  15. Juss Bazeka
    | Reply

    just before the commands “sit”,my dog is sitting to get reward!!! thats a
    very big problem, help me plz :(

  16. Noam Giber
    | Reply

    I just adopted a 2 year old Terrier. Will the same process work with her?

  17. iHeartz
    | Reply

    can a 2 year old do this? xD not a puppy no more

  18. Blade Auch
    | Reply

    you know when you raise the food over his head well my blue heeler wont put
    his but down he just stares at it with his head in the air

  19. Catherine Alex
    | Reply

    Solve the 34 most common behavioral issues and more…

  20. killerwolf231
    | Reply

    Will this work on adult dogs?

  21. azhy star
    | Reply

    thank you k9-1 i learned a lot from you all i have a rottie and i have
    trained it like you and it works please keep up thanks again

    | Reply

    Can I do this with my french bulldog?

  23. Kearney Lambert Chico
    | Reply

    i luv u guise ;-;

  24. Stephanie Amthor
    | Reply

    What Breed is that ?

  25. Wayne Muscat
    | Reply

    i have a 3 year old chihuahua i was teaching him the sit stay without
    treats and he obeyed is that a good sign ? in a way that i can teach him
    more commands??

  26. Addison Blocker
    | Reply

    I have a question can you train like a mastiff boxer mix to be a police dog

  27. Delena Fandom
    | Reply

    My dog just kept jumping whenever I put my hand in her hand

  28. Lucy
    | Reply

    Any treats?

  29. Scott Young
    | Reply

    wawooo this is awesome… looks like i can save tons money on those rip-off
    training sessions!!! 

  30. dave mcmanus
    | Reply

    Gorgeous pup.

  31. benjamin parmeggiani
    | Reply

    Your videos are very helpful!

  32. Yuri M
    | Reply

    Pavlov’s classical conditioning at it’s best, good job.

  33. Ghanem Abdulwahab
    | Reply

    i have a 3 month old german shepard i was wondering how many reps should i
    do a day? and how many treats to i give him?

  34. Emmanuel Mba
    | Reply

    This is really a necessary tip for your dogs. Thanks

  35. Abi Acosta
    | Reply

    I just tried this on my 3month old German Shepherd and it worked!

  36. TheLazyClips
    | Reply

    Does this all work with huskies.

  37. Amelia Westgarth
    | Reply

    Good video!
    I’ll tell you some great hints, tricks, and advice to help you to turn your
    puppy into the best behaved, most happy, jogging, bouncing,
    slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

  38. St Phil
    | Reply

    Say that to my pit bull. -.-

  39. Dain Peterson
    | Reply

    Can you do a video for your dog to stay? I have a 9 week old gsd and love
    you basic video and feel confident with the basic commands but I wanna have
    the game plan for incorporating the stay with the basic command. 

  40. the2014
    | Reply

    You always use his name before the command, please try saying just Spike to
    him, I’m 95% sure he will sit down.

  41. Sam Donlan
    | Reply

    I’m gonna try this with my puppy 14 week blue staffy

  42. Isathefashionqueen
    | Reply

    What happens when he jumps to get The teat

  43. Kyle Haubrich
    | Reply

    What kind of treats do you like use? Thanks!

  44. Greg Francavilla
    | Reply


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