How to Train a dog to lay “Down” (

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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35 Responses

  1. Dog Training by
    | Reply

    We use tasty reward treats from “dogtrainerfood” DotCom

  2. MrGoodBite
    | Reply

    Teaching the Down from the Sit position teaches the dog to unknowingly
    forward while going into the Down position. For pets, who cares, but for
    comp, it will be points deducted. Teaching Down from a standing position
    is ideal. They drop straight down. That’s just my two cents. 

  3. James Cohen
    | Reply

    Is a silent stay a better method than a verbal stay?
    Stay as a command worked brilliantly with my sisters black lab/collie who I
    pretty much raised for her for the first two years. Her obedience is
    fantastic. I just think it’s worth knowing if a silent stay and free
    command are overall better as I do like your method more.

  4. MommyTang
    | Reply

    I love watching you..!!!!

  5. Long Her
    | Reply

    Once my puppy sits he doesn’t move at all when I lure him with treats..even
    when I go slowly from his nose to the ground with the treat..any help pls? 

  6. MouseOfVirtue
    | Reply

    My dog begins to scratch and paw at my hand as I lure here to the ground.
    What should I do about that?

  7. Karmyn Poulter
    | Reply

    I have yet to find a treat my gsd puppy likes. He does love his dog food
    but I don’t know if that’s a bad idea to train with his food?

  8. Stanislav m
    | Reply

    This dog probably eats tons of that shit 🙂 !!! No food training at K9

  9. poppy luck
    | Reply

    here a question beautiful dog trainer

  10. joseph7771000
    | Reply

    I tried everything in this video. Nothing worked 🙁 he did it once and
    never did it again thanks anyway though! 

  11. Pony Smofor
    | Reply

    My dam husky jumps on me too much lol

  12. dan fearon
    | Reply

    This girl’s videos are some of the best dog training videos on YouTube.
    Very thorough and professional. Trying to train my shepherd cross using
    your videos. Thanks. 

  13. Wayne Norman
    | Reply

    Trainer is professional and hot. Subscribed

  14. ezra leong
    | Reply

    what dog is that? the black one

  15. Katarzyna Zaton
    | Reply

    this dog is Belgian Sheepard. I love those girls videos..even my 2 months
    puppy that seems to be intrested just in sleeping and playing can learn
    that way:)

  16. Directioner_fv
    | Reply

    My dog don’t want to lie down!!! What to do?

  17. saudgl
    | Reply

    you are beautiful lady -_~

  18. holly strauss
    | Reply

    Thank you for these videos I’m puppysitting for new neighbors and I want to
    be able to instill good behavior for there new puppy. Much appreciated for
    someone that loves dogs and spends time with them even though not an owner

  19. Sachin Nair
    | Reply

    Lucky dog.

  20. Varun Chitransh
    | Reply

    thanks a lot. tried it on my 5 months old golden retriever, he picked it up
    in less than 10 mins.

  21. FlareonSwag
    | Reply

    What type of dog is gypsy

  22. Aws Talib
    | Reply


  23. The Tutorial Dude
    | Reply

    I learn my dog to lay

  24. Sara Foradini
    | Reply

    This is helpful 

  25. larry boggs
    | Reply

    How can I work with my dog to release from the sit or down? I try pulling
    the treat from him so he’ll have to get up and go after it but he won’t. He
    just stays either in the sit or down position.

  26. domingo jr cabral
    | Reply

    I wouldent wanna attack any pretty lady with two germans or a pit or anyone
    walking around with that shit

  27. Nicole mitchell
    | Reply

    My stubborn 6 month old pit is not wanting to lay down unless i am doing
    the hand movement to the ground. If I dont do the hand movement she just
    stares at my hand and dosent acknowlage what I’m telling her. What should i

  28. yazid zouhair
    | Reply

    Hey all! Love your video, Thanks! There is this unbelievable FREE pdf at
    “Brendt Mastery Dog Training Guru” (do a google search)? Hurry before the
    FREE document is taken down! 

  29. FlareonSwag
    | Reply

    And spike

  30. daniellegrandpa .
    | Reply

    Should one command to taught and learned before moving to the next command?

  31. Rodrick Brown
    | Reply

    What if you tell your dog to lay down or sit, and you don’t have a treat.
    How to you teach them with out giving a treat.

  32. Bos
    | Reply

    At what point should I start using the break command to reward?

  33. Catherine Tenedios
    | Reply

    I love your videos! I have one question for you. My dog does a good job of
    sitting and laying down however when I try to do the “pushups” my dog has a
    hard time going from laying down to sitting. Do you have any suggestions? I
    have tried drawing the treat over her nose to try to get her to sit back up
    but it seems weird and doesn’t work each time. Thank you so very much. 

  34. kimmobley333
    | Reply

    Gorgeous dogs. 

  35. Interesting stuff
    | Reply

    I notice you’re mostly using working line GSD pups.Do you feel the
    showline trains as easily (with ball reward rather than food when they get

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