How to Train a Dog to Heel – Dog Training by

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

See more at for everything you need to know to train your own dog in the Foundation Style of Dog Training. This video shows the first phase of training your dog to Heel. After completing all three phases your dog can Heel off-leash around heavy distractions. Foundation Style dog training is both very humane and also very reliable. It is a style that is used by some of the top dog trainers in the industry to train all types of dogs from working dogs, aggression rehab cases, and difficult pet dogs. See for yourself why foundation style dog training is quickly becoming the choice of top professionals.

What do you think?

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27 Responses

  1. mepursun
    | Reply

    phase 2?

  2. gjhjghbghjg
    | Reply

    Find a playful chick make it tonight

  3. TheAtexus
    | Reply

    @oomylanta she looks like a american staff to me…

  4. emelia1996
    | Reply

    Cute 🙂

  5. legomasterzeldafan
    | Reply

    how often are you practiceing?please reply!

  6. macdasi
    | Reply

    way should the dog stay on left and not on right ?

    btw – love your first video at your site !

  7. LololitsMrAwesome
    | Reply

    what if the puppy is 2 days old. you cant start doing that yet. XD

  8. Cynabunnie
    | Reply

    There’s something about a guy (especially such a tough looking one) telling a dog “good girl” in such an enthusiastic way that makes me so happy. This video is educational, helpful, and adorable. Wish me luck with my new monster – a 16 month old lab/greyhound mix!!

  9. aliascsc
    | Reply

    @macdasi AKC standards require that the dog be on your left…the reason for this was back in the day gentlemen carried thier gun on the right so the dog stayed on the left to avoid getting shot!

  10. nikkib12
    | Reply

    @spaziferous its a pitbull (american stafforshire, whatever). I think he says it in the video, but he definitely says it in his video on come

  11. rtwlrmax
    | Reply

    How do you get your puppy to focus in you or stare at you while heeling? Thanks Ben from toronto

  12. DEJALOVE09
    | Reply

    Now if I train this maybe 4 times a day for about 30min each time, is there going to be an issue of giving to many treats that will make my dog sick?

  13. raneve23
    | Reply

    why do you have to stay on your left

  14. Pharaoh28
    | Reply

    It used to have to do with people carrying guns and not getting shot. In reality though, you can do it on either side.

  15. JoshuaXiong100
    | Reply

    Does dogs ever poop on the floor and you have to clean it?

  16. JoshuaXiong100
    | Reply

    I like it more if the dog is on my right.

  17. JoshuaXiong100
    | Reply

    Are first month baby still about to learn? lol..

  18. JoshuaXiong100
    | Reply

    Thought I heard a bullet on the last ending.

  19. kmsbullet08
    | Reply

    @raneve23 it depends on the right handed so my duck dog heels on my left..and like my buddy is left his lab heels on his never want to shoot on your dogs side

  20. BrunetteBarbie21
    | Reply

    This is really good. How long should I be doing phase 1 before I move onto phase 2?

  21. JoCoMoreno
    | Reply

    Just curious, why not use the koehler method for teaching how to heel?

  22. aBcbeautyy
    | Reply

    i have a 4 month old blue nose puppy he is huge for his age i crate train him and im having alot of issues when i walk him he drags me when i introduce him to people he jumps and is very excited and sometimes nips i am working on that ive tryed this exercise and nothing !! he just takes the treat once he has done it and then leaps foward and starts dragging

  23. TheVjunitha
    | Reply


  24. irishgt
    | Reply

    @Pharaoh28 heel has been used since before gun powder was invented for herding animals…

  25. 123bonesaw
    | Reply

    Thanks so much I want to be a cop with a k-9. I think it will be awesome experience.

  26. Dan Ron
    | Reply

    I like your post. I will start visiting your website regularly.

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