How to Train a Dog to Heel – Dog Training by

See more at for everything you need to know to train your own dog in the Foundation Style of Dog Training. This video show…

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48 Responses

  1. Eugene Flynn
    | Reply

    I just did this with my 13 week old Goldendoodle in the back yard for about
    10 minutes. I then took him on a quiet evening walk (sans children and a
    lot of neighbors out). He has never walked so nicely. We will have to see
    what tomorrow brings. How long do you stay in phase 1? Thank you for the
    great video — it was really helpful. Went through a bunch of treats!!!

  2. Claudia Hone
    | Reply

    Great video!
    I’ll provide you some great ideas, tips, and advice that may help you turn
    your dog into the best behaved, most happy, running, jumping,
    slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

  3. Selene Jordan
    | Reply

    Absolutely brilliant!!

  4. Joseph Edouard
    | Reply

    How to Train a Dog to Heel – Dog Training by K9-1…:

    Ima give it a try 

  5. Saugata Halder
    | Reply

    My dog (8 month old golden) has of late developed an irritating habit – he
    will go only to the nearby park and no where else. He knows the way pretty
    well, so as soon as I take a turn that is not towards the park, he pulls
    back and will not move from her position. This waiting out each other
    continues for 5 mins and then if I take a step towards the park then he is
    all excited and rearing to go. How do I get rid of this habit?

  6. Kyle Haubrich
    | Reply

    What kind of treats do you use?

  7. Ellie Camille
    | Reply

    This was perfect thank u! 

  8. craig tucker
    | Reply
  9. Shawn Marion
    | Reply

    what do you use for training treats?

  10. Thomas Feldman
    | Reply

    We need a dog training specialist

  11. hina chan
    | Reply

    Any advice on training an 8 month old Australian shepherd/ Red Merle? He
    has one of the worst attention spans and gets overly excited on walks, he
    tugs, runs, jumps, bites. I’ve tried a lot of methods but they seem to work
    one day then get forgotten the next. I adopted him a month ago from the
    Humane Society and he has no former training. Any tips on how to keep his
    attention? Even through the use of treats, hes more interested on jumping
    on me and showering me with kisses.

  12. Ramit Gurung
    | Reply

    nice video , If anyone else is find out the top tips for training their dog
    try banfan turbo dog trainer (just google it)? Ive heard some extraordinary
    things about it and my mate got great results with it. 

  13. SheSoTalented216
    | Reply

    I think this method will work good for my puppy, but you’re not correcting
    the jumping? She’s a REALLY big pup already and she’s constantly jumping on
    me or jumping up and nipping the hand that has the treat!

  14. jaythedog8
    | Reply

    if a dog is too old is it too late to train?

  15. Jackie Lambert
    | Reply

    You are so patient. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Mustafa Kazi
    | Reply

    Beat It

  17. ramble
    | Reply

    SO does the treats ever end? Wouldn’t it be better to train them without
    the treats? And how would you do that? Every trainer on youtube uses treats
    and a clicker, there HAS to be a way to do it with just you and the dog.

  18. Clayton Stewart
    | Reply

    This is awesome, my 8 week old lab is already starting to respond a little
    to heel after using this method for 3 days. Thank you for these great

  19. Vitu
    | Reply

    about how long should I practice the lessons everyday?

  20. TheGervarod
    | Reply

    not true it will take longer for it to learn

  21. FurrylittlePaws
    | Reply

    Thank you for this video. I never knew how to make a dog heel. I am going
    to be training a Doberman puppy for the next 6 months

  22. MrKnaberaps
    | Reply

    as soon as you got something they want (food as a positive reinfocement)

  23. quincy mitchell
    | Reply

    Good as you look , I will come train your dog for free.

  24. raneve23
    | Reply

    why do you have to stay on your left

  25. Lilly Hughes
    | Reply

    Wow, Training for any new dog or puppy is really important, and the best
    way to train them is by following the videos and program on I can’t stress enough how much this site has helped

  26. Clven Troy
    | Reply

    hi mike, this is really a good start for me and my dog sam.. it really
    helps a lot.. thanks mike!!! h mike, hope you can post more videos for
    basic obedience and advance…. mike,question.. what dog treat and dog food
    your using?

  27. oomylanta
    | Reply

    what kind of dog is that?

  28. MisterTG
    | Reply

    what breed is this dog

  29. rothzoo
    | Reply

    Okay, so, issue, or situation, what you may want to call it; My GShep
    1.5yrs doesn’t even acknowledge treats, but he does acknowledge Breakfast
    and Dinner. He is at most for praise, but it makes it hard with him having
    to challenge how loud or demanding the praise , now lets say command. When
    I command, it’s over, he is doing what he wants. And for the wondering, yes
    I have established Dominance. Sincerely Max GShep and Tim

  30. jaykay1053
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for this very easy to follow lesson that is immediately
    “doable”! You CAN teach old dogs new tricks!

  31. kaang69
    | Reply

    My girlfriend has an American Eskimo (11yrs). Her dog is very hyper,
    although I do walk her about 4-5km’s day. I just adopted a collie/golden
    retreiver cross which is about 7-8 mon old. I rencently just potty trained
    him which went well. I am trying to training him using advice from online
    vids like yours, but I do walk these dogs together & I find mine is picking
    up the hyper energy from hers. I live in a small town with no obedience
    training so any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks

  32. sandeep shrestha
    | Reply

    thank you 🙂

  33. spaziferous
    | Reply

    @oomylanta she looks like a blue great dane.

  34. Dwayne Brady
    | Reply

    @k91dogtraining you do mean bored?

  35. runningmadd
    | Reply

    what is the proper place the dog should be? when i walk my dog the end of
    her jaw line is just by my knee like half a foot away is that good or bad?
    shes 2, if i’ve been walking he like this for awhile is it too late to
    change it?

  36. knitjunky
    | Reply

    This was extremely helpful. What if you don’t have a nice classroom to
    train in and if you have 2 dogs? I think I’m going to have to train the
    dogs outside, if only so I can separate the two dogs. But I’ll try it
    anyway. Thanks.

  37. srklover96
    | Reply

    yea like thats how you solve a problem with a dog…there are many stupid
    people on earth

  38. DestinyRed23
    | Reply

    can you look at my video called Banjo Heel and see if i am doing anything
    wrong?i have a feeling i am and i really want to know!!please message me or
    just reply to this if i did anything wrong in teaching banjo to heel!!what
    a cute puppy by the way!!you seem like an amazing fantastic dog trainer!

  39. paintur68
    | Reply

    What is cuter than a good looking oaf and a cute dog taking a walk? Sweet.

  40. britny ralda
    | Reply

    how many hours a day do i have to be practicing this because my dog cubby
    is obident but not as much. and i want to make him very obidient how long
    will this take? please write back

  41. Christopher Norris
    | Reply

    @Sicarious100 I think the left side is because many dogs were origina

  42. Ari Calvo
    | Reply

    phase 2 please?

  43. Abraham A
    | Reply

    Adam Sandler teaching dog training. 😀

  44. Andrea Robles
    | Reply

    Thanks so much I want to be a cop with a k-9. I think it will be awesome

  45. Irene Krohn
    | Reply

    Is Heel always on your left side?

  46. F Arens
    | Reply

    ever heard of fading?

  47. Kishor Kundan
    | Reply

    Very nice method because the dog is not being corrected for wrong behaviors
    but only rewarded for correct behaviors. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. The dog
    will always be keen to do it on their own as they want to do it on their
    own not with FEAR. The dog is jumping alright, but he is not feeding him
    while jumping, the dog is being fed only when all four feet are on the
    ground. Over time the dog will associate that jumping is not rewarding and
    will stop doing it.

  48. Erin Amos
    | Reply

    My dogs name is knalla. And I have been training her all wrong. Thank you
    for sharing your training exercises

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