How to Train a Dog During the “Rebellious” Phase!

How to train your dog to listen and pay attention!
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30 Responses

  1. Miki Miki Lodge
    | Reply

    Great Videos Zak. Help me to train my puppy. Am from French Polynesian Rangiroa island
    Do your send PUPBOX to Polynesian?

  2. Adrianna Trinette
    | Reply

    Lol aww she reminds me of my Kyla who passed a few years ago, I can't wait til I can get another doggie

  3. fernanda fuentes
    | Reply

    My dog is 11 months old and she’s still in her rebellious stage, I’ll try this

  4. SoulWolf
    | Reply

    I can’t tell you how happy you made me by saying “German Shepherd Dog” And not just “German Shepherd”.

    I have a very weird pet peeve of when you don’t say the full name of a breed it slowly drives me insane until I have to add the missing words.

    Athena is beautiful! She got big FAST!

    Video was extremely helpful as always too.

  5. Omixam
    | Reply

    How did you get that harness? It looks amazing but I can't buy one for my 5 month old gs because it won't last long

  6. erica mussen
    | Reply

    Awesome video!! I totally needed this

  7. New Forest Pony
    | Reply

    Very relevant, clear to understand and follow. Just what my dog needs right now. Thank you.

  8. Jessica winn
    | Reply

    Your bullshit agenda killed my dog. Nothing about your training is logical. Please people go to a real dog trainer or check out solid k9 training. This you can only teach you tricks.

  9. cinnamongirl622
    | Reply

    Thumbs up for yet another master class 😊

  10. Junior W
    | Reply

    I have a 5 month old gs puppy and this is exactly what i was looking for. Great vid, keep it up!

  11. Maria Fernanda Giraldo
    | Reply

    I love you videos!!! I was in the cruise with you 😊
    My dog eats everything he see!!! Nothing works. I would love a video about that.
    He eats rocks, wood, leaves,

  12. Kristupas Simaitis
    | Reply

    Why do you press dislike, on amazing videos like this?

  13. Lucius Maximus
    | Reply

    My dog was only rebellious once when he was 8 months old and he chewed a table leg overnight. never did it again though. 😂

  14. TwitchRadio
    | Reply

    My Border Collies only two and a half months old but I'm going outside right now to try that maybe I'll stop him from biting and nipping everybody

  15. Melisa
    | Reply

    We played fetch with our puppy since he was very young. He is now 6 months old and he is aggressive and territorial about the rope. Is it possible to reverse this?

  16. Glendon
    | Reply

    Perfect timing for this video as my corgi turns 7 month old this week. I need to get back on my outdoor and long lead training. Great tips!

  17. LadytheBagel
    | Reply

    Fantastic video!!!! Need to do this with Lady

  18. Parrots&Ponies
    | Reply

    This makes me extra excited for when I get my German Shepherd next year for my birthday!

  19. dragon66ize
    | Reply

    Thankyou. Just what I needed for Luna.

  20. Rescues in focus Dog training
    | Reply

    Notification squad!! When do they typically stop chewing on everything? Mine is still doing it at 12 months

  21. Unenthusiastic Person
    | Reply

    Cute doggie

  22. Milo the Cat
    | Reply

    thank you so much! your videos are all super helpful! I have a 4 month old puppy and I already tought her tons of tricks 🙂

  23. Phoebe Yang
    | Reply

    This was a much needed video! Thank you!!!

  24. Toni Rotolo
    | Reply

    I love that you used a German Shepherd for this video. They’re such buttheads in their rebellious teenage phase.

  25. debolina biswas
    | Reply

    Hey. Can you teach how to make dogs calm and not to jump when he sees an unknown person? Please make a video of the same.. amazing videos.. I love each and every videos.. even I teach my dog from your tutorials. Everybody appreciates my training… 🙂 All thanks to you…

  26. E Moss
    | Reply

    Thank you for all the content. Your book and these videos have helped me enormously in training my 1 year old stubborn Australian Shepherd.

  27. Jaeldaniela21
    | Reply

    I appreciate that he shows at the beginning some toys in a great variety BECAUSE many people adopt dogs and expect not to chew their stuff while they are not giving them toys. Then they go to extreme measures or even giving them away. Every person should be trained how to be an owner before they are one. It would be cool if there were talks to not only dog owners but those who are not.

  28. E Moss
    | Reply

    Not sure if you already have a video on it but how/can you train/trust a dog to be out of their crate when they are home alone?

  29. Scarlett Woodbridge
    | Reply

    Thanks sooooo much your videos are so helpful to me and my rescue sheepdoodle. Please could you do a video on getting your dog over a fear because my dog is scared of cars

  30. Nicki Johnston
    | Reply

    After about 6 months of me waiting for a puppy I finally got one I have a 3 months old puppy and he is going through the puppy biting stage he is a Chihuahua terrier mix according to the lady at my shelter although I don't know which terrier he is mixed with

    However he is going through some serious separation anxiety I can't even leave my room with the door closed without him going crazy

    Anyone got any advice I'd appreciate it

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