How to Toilet Train your Cat

Directions on how to toilet train your cat Kitty Goes Potty – FREE cat toilet training directions & ph…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

48 Responses

  1. KTK0420
    | Reply


  2. jazzy stein
    | Reply

    How does this tell you how to potty train your cat

  3. Tanasity Slack
    | Reply

    Its the theme music from Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey 🙂

  4. Chuck Norris
    | Reply

    What’s the song? 😀

  5. Paulo Bonnes
    | Reply

    ye this vid sucks ass

  6. Melissa Devisser
    | Reply

    yeah coz that totally showed me how to toilet train my cat. LOL fail.

  7. ShuuyaNanahara
    | Reply

    jajajajaja 0:52 

  8. Iqbal Hassan
    | Reply

    waste of time

  9. Alecia Michael
    | Reply

    0:34 & 0:59 made me lol

  10. marmar3291
    | Reply

    lol all of the cats look so uncomfortable.

  11. MrDeicide1
    | Reply

    Holy shit!
    Thus spake Catathustra!

  12. Mitsarrichuno
    | Reply

    Badly titled and misleading, yes but absolutely EPIC choice in music. It was THAT that made the video worth watching past 7 seconds…

  13. flippinecc
    | Reply

    There’s only one time you can train a cat.
    That’s when the cat decides it’s going to let you ; )

    wingsofgabriel . com

  14. tinkermi
    | Reply

    Oh ..Ok …please accept my apologies! The fotos are great by the way

  15. AndreyCracker
    | Reply


  16. zoomboost
    | Reply

    This is a great clip!! when you know what’s the famous use for this music, it makes perfect sense!! lol!
    EVOLUTION!! lol Bravo! BIG FUN!!!!

  17. MeTubeIsUTube
    | Reply

    Exactly, that’s why I give it the lowest rating (besides all my contempt to the poster)

  18. tinkermi
    | Reply

    the title say ‘How to train your cat’ where is the training? Misleading title..

  19. odji01
    | Reply

    i don’t want so see pics of cats, which CAN do this. i want so see, how to learn it. Wrong title, wasted time.

  20. Metatheist
    | Reply

    Bad video. Only pictures of shitting cats

  21. 0SweetRevenge0
    | Reply

    Alternatively, they can just learn by imitation. They see you go to the toilet and learn to associate that pit thing with having a crap the same way they do with the litter tray (except you don’t go in the liter tray and cats bury crap naturally) My cat knows where the toilet is and what it’s for, but I have a heavy automatic-closing toilet door so he can’t get in by himself – -;

  22. smartass2st
    | Reply

    Nevermind, My cat knows how to use the toilet now, but no thanks to this video……at all.

  23. Sasukeiswaytoohot
    | Reply

    well no mabe they said that because so people can watch it more. i know its strange to say but that is a talent to train a cat to make it go potty i know you dont want to clean it outside so its good enough thats hes doing a human thing.

  24. smartass2st
    | Reply

    Ok, I clicked on this because it says “HOW TO TOILET TRAIN YOUR CAT. So your saying I should show my cat these pictures and thats how its done? BOOOOOOO

  25. Conn Berkshire
    | Reply

    :52- the look on the kitty’s face- bliss! (Don’t I know that feeling!)

  26. 94valeRa01
    | Reply

    wahahahha 0:52

  27. EaglePacifist
    | Reply

    The cat in 0:42 look’s like my cat!

  28. EaglePacifist
    | Reply

    The cat in 0:42 looks like my cat!

  29. przemson555
    | Reply

    1.-copy and paste
    2.-paste it in 2 different videos
    3.. hold breath for 10 secs
    4.- look at your hand

  30. Getajob698
    | Reply

    1. Take a deep breath
    2. Think about the one you love
    3. Press ”F10” 5 time
    4. Send it to 5 video on youtube
    5. Look at your background

  31. Analia Mango Martiniano
    | Reply

    you fucking ass hole !!!!
    if you don’t stop doing this you may became an idiot but no wait that ALREADY happend!!

  32. Brendon Brea
    | Reply

    im so sorryz guyz will find a bloody body in your closet hanging there haunting you and will kill you and ur family and if u want to stop this just sends this to 6 videos in 30 mins or this will happen good luck!!!

  33. LegendaryLines
    | Reply

    I would stick a litter box right in the toilet, then when the cat got used to it take it out.

  34. VeNoM7GnG .
    | Reply

    THIS IS fuckish BOB

    COPY and PASTE fuckish bob and he will soon take over youtube

  35. nihongasukidesu
    | Reply

    talk about invasion of privacy! lol

  36. UnknownAccount0
    | Reply

    At 1:23 that cat looks just like my old cat.

  37. famouslauren
    | Reply

    Yea looks like she’s feelin’ pretty good!

  38. DIEO1991
    | Reply


  39. StanK27
    | Reply

    The cat at 0:50 had one of those “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH” moments.

  40. Philip Cergic
    | Reply

    It’s a rather fucked up thing to photo xD

  41. Urbeee
    | Reply

    Nice music

  42. Veowe3
    | Reply


  43. guy014
    | Reply

    the last cat made me rofl

  44. purpledude603
    | Reply

    Which is the HOW part ?

  45. Veowe3
    | Reply

    lol The last cat was like….”Get out of here!!! I dont watch you when you are using the crapper!” lol

  46. MooMofo
    | Reply

    lmao looks like he’s straining a bit at :52…

    | Reply

    hahahahah sono inteligentissimiii xD

  48. tamafinatic
    | Reply

    look in the desc… -_-

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