How to Teach Your Rat to Spin

Spin is Lola’s first trick. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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14 Responses

  1. allyson burke
    | Reply

    Maybe a litter training tutorial and as long as you keep making videos like
    that ill be a subscriber

  2. Feyorin
    | Reply

    That’s awesome! I will use that!

  3. 8CMG9
    | Reply

    Omg this is so cool. I want to try this with my two rats now!

  4. pikapikachu99
    | Reply

    I don’t even have a rat! But nice video!

  5. hailey brant
    | Reply

    Woah! I don’t own any rats! But maybe i can teach my Guinea pig! lol. She
    got the hang of it pretty fast!

  6. Sara Fitz
    | Reply

    lol you love me<333

  7. allyson burke
    | Reply

    Cute rats looks like mine except mine is a dumbo rat

  8. Talia Fay
    | Reply

    I have two bet rats and one of them looks almost identical to yours! And
    also GET TWO RATS!!!!!!!!!!!M!!!!!!!!!

  9. xXbubblemonkey100Xx
    | Reply

    can u make a cage tutorial video? that would be really cool

  10. Julias Dockadoll
    | Reply

    it was a very cute rat. cool tricks it can. I have a rabbit that I practice
    tricks. it is very fun with animals.

  11. pikapikachu99
    | Reply

    How did i got here from Teach your Cat to sit?

  12. Sara Fitz
    | Reply

    I’ve been dying to know how to teach your rat to spin! A few weeks ago I
    had the opportunity of watching my friend adopt her new rat! It was so
    exciting. I played with her two rats the whole time. Even though she was
    kind of really strict with her rats. She won’t tolerate any inappropriate
    behavior it was so fun! Have fun with Lola 🙂 She seems really cute and fun
    to play with

  13. Lola Fiedler
    | Reply

    go away.

  14. mizgrackle
    | Reply

    I subscribed for more Lola 😉

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