How to Teach your Puppy to Sit and Stay

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order:

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30 Responses

  1. Adrian Duano
    | Reply

    He reminds me of Spiderman

  2. Oyuncu Kedi
    | Reply

    can you do a video to how to make our parents say yes to a dog πŸ™‚

  3. newtoninspired
    | Reply

    How much time did you really put on her before forming this video? I am not skeptical, just from the pragmatic angle.

  4. GriZzly MaGnum999
    | Reply

    Make a video on names for male and female dogs of different species

  5. Cristina Henche
    | Reply

    I'm getting a puppy in little time so I want to learn how to train it and these videos are helping me so much

  6. Yovanny Sanchez
    | Reply

    I just got a 1 month old yorkie thx this is very helpful because she is wayyyy to hyper.

  7. I spend too much time making my name that I gave up
    | Reply


  8. Marcella Strenger
    | Reply

    Can you do video on stop your 6 month old german shepherd from jumping on ppl.

  9. Chilipaza m
    | Reply

    Help!!!!!!! I love your videos and I specifically liked the clicker training method, so I bought a clicker and decided to try it out. I also got some salmon treats since my dog loves salmon. I tried it out earlier, but she wont obey no matter what I do. I tried sit, but she just got uninterested and left. I then changed the treats to something else she loves, tortillas, but that time she just laid in front of me uninterested. Can you maybe give me any tips? She is a 5 year old female pomeranian (old dog and stubborn breed!)

  10. Lit_Mia_ Vlogs
    | Reply

    Shes soo cute 😍😘

  11. Kranthi Burra
    | Reply

    What's the breed of the dog in the video ?

  12. Itz Ozz
    | Reply

    I just got a cockapoo yeterday

  13. sampurna ghimire
    | Reply

    Can u make a video with a rescue dog that the people may say is aggressive

  14. CheerQueen of cheer
    | Reply

    what level aare golden doodles hyperctive level

  15. A Bcd
    | Reply

    Have u ever used a dalmatian in one of ur videos?

  16. Aaron Austria
    | Reply

    Make a video about introducing a new puppy to old dogs you owned.

  17. Angelo Woods
    | Reply

    I got a new puppy yesterday didnt watch this video yet her name is Hazel and I watched this video then I heard hazel and I'm like oh s**t

  18. Rain Yongyap
    | Reply

    I need help training my dogs they keep biting each other please help

  19. CaptN Mexico
    | Reply

    Help!!,my puppy is trying to play with my baby chicks but he killed one
    is there a way to get him to stop chasing them around

  20. Mia Uremovic
    | Reply

    I just adopted a almost 2 year old dog from a shelter, she is a hound mix(we are not sure what she is mixed with) and she is not very obedient. She is very hyper and loves to play, but she does not listen to commands at all. She jumps on people and chews on the furniture and runs in circles around the house, she also likes to nibble in people's arms legs and hands. Every time I sit down she is climbing on top and behind me. I've been trying to train her using your technics, but she just won't listen, what should I do?

  21. haru -chan
    | Reply

    I have a Shiba inu and it super hard to train him😧😧😧

  22. Effy Pcosta
    | Reply

    Can I get a puppy and train it to behave the way I want, even if the breed characteristics are different?

  23. Yasmin Mela
    | Reply

    Hey Zak! I'm going to get a puppy in 3 days. What should I teach him first? I have 4 cats, how do I get them to get along? I was also wondering should I start training him soon after he has settled down at our home or wait a few days? I really enjoy your videos, they are really helpful & nice to watch, keep on making videos! I watch them almost every day!

  24. Shannon Chu
    | Reply

    I've been struggling to take my new puppy out for a walk because he's constantly barking when we're walking on the lead. He wants to get picked up. He does walk but walks and jumps on me at the same time

  25. ann
    | Reply

    Could you do a video how help dog who is sceared of everything? His so scared that he poops and pee. I have practice in animal shelter and slowly working for him to adjust to people, just sitting with him in a cage. He is avoiding people, don't eat in a day, just at night when nobody goes around him. There's not much videos about this content. He can't go for adoption at this state. It would be big help for this dog and any other that will come to the shelter.

  26. July2ish
    | Reply

    Make a video on how to stop resource guarding!

  27. Prabha Kvn
    | Reply

    When I take my dog for walking it's not pouring toilet down its doing in home so do a video on that

  28. Northwind000
    | Reply

    how do I teach my pup to stop trying to rape my other dogs? he hasn't been neutered yet, but I'm sure he's still gonna do the same thing, just not as often. I don't wanna walk outside one day and be greeted by my pup trying to rape my German Shepherd and chihuahua.

  29. cc
    | Reply

    hey zak I've got two dogs lucky and max their brothers and their breed is mini foxies. lucky for some reason lucky won't eat any food unless you let him eat out of your hand but max eat's anything no matter where his food is. i tried cleaning their bowls more often and moving them near where they hang out instead of inside because lucky is a very timid dog and get's nervous easily i was wondering if you new any reasons why he won't eat unless he can eat from my hand.

  30. Najibar Mazo
    | Reply

    Hey can you please do a video on when can I start training a newborn puppy? and what I could teach them at that point in time. I've read that you could start training a puppy starting 3 weeks,

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