how to teach your pet rat to come when called please watch

my pet rat pebbles doing a great job to show youtube how this trick works.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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14 Responses

  1. PaulinexMike
    | Reply

    Thanks :D

  2. GoUseSpellCheck
    | Reply

    Are they too yong? NO not any way.

  3. PaulinexMike
    | Reply

    I like this idea! all the others already know so it was fake teaching!! but my rats are like a year old! are they too young to teach!?

  4. Chresmomancer
    | Reply

    Nice work! You and Pebbles did a great job!!! I love it when people embrace how smart they are! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    The cinematography could be revisited though, perhaps in an updated edition? You described it really well, otherwise! Your rats are also very pretty!
    I can’t wait to do this with Penelope… I learned something new today, so regardless you achieved your goal 🙂

  5. peyton cherry
    | Reply

    i love your rats they are just adorable! i have 4 , thnx for the help too , do you have any other vids i can use to help my rats ??? i have a baby who im trying to teach 🙂

  6. gitesh prasad
    | Reply

    whenever u make a video which is to be presented in front of the wotld..make it nice and steady otherwise dont describe it as please watch..mind it from next time..dont waste urs and ours time..please

  7. AnnaLadlow21
    | Reply

    And p.s. Awesome!! You should do one of your other rat but like a spin trick, than you should put it on YouTube. 🙂

  8. AnnaLadlow21
    | Reply

    Good try on your first video.

  9. ratzluver
    | Reply

    try to think before you speak

  10. rathelper2
    | Reply

    hiii im pretty sure they poop because they are scared mine did stop pooping on my bed after a while 🙂

  11. Xavier Collazo
    | Reply

    I just got two rats …do they poop all over your bed?…. cause the ones I got do…I was told its because they are scared…and it will stop once they get to know me… i just want to know it the pooping is an issue in your rats just poop all the time?

  12. rathelper2
    | Reply

    i was using my phone you idiot!!!

  13. princesstallulah657
    | Reply

    Learn how to use a camera you idiot!

  14. Animallover207
    | Reply

    Nice but next time don’t shake so much o and I love the rats I have one just like that

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