(How To) teach your pet bird to step up on your finger!!!!

How to teach your pet bird to step up on your finger!! If you found this video enjoyable or helpful, don’t forget to (LIKE) (COMMENT) (SHARE) (AND SUBSCRIBE SO YOU DON’T MISS A VIDEO THAT MIGHT HELP YOU, AND SO YOU CAN FOLLOW MY JOURNEY OF TAMING AND TRAINING MY PET BIRDS!!!)

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28 Responses

  1. Hassan Niyaz
    | Reply

    finally I know how to tam a lovebird. thank you.

    | Reply

    I have 4 lovebird and 1 is died color black and a few months I'm gonna buy again 1 lovebird and now it's 4 again I don't know the species of lovebird. Why jewel's wing is changing color day 1 white wing day 2 white with extra blue why?
    Here it's name

    Blue : blue chested lovebird
    Jewel: plain white with extra blue
    Violet: violet with black mask
    Delta:black with black mask
    Edited: blacky:is like Delta's color

  3. Bizarre Rubik's Cube
    | Reply

    I taught my bird how to sit on my hand without food. :/

  4. Mia lai
    | Reply

    But the bird is soooooo cuteeeeeeeee

  5. Braun Strowman #MEG
    | Reply

    When my bird hears ur bird, it responds

  6. Santhosh Jay
    | Reply

    that was helpful!

  7. Unicorn Beliver
    | Reply

    My brother name is Tristan

  8. Abdullah Gazder
    | Reply

    Thanks a lot but my birds are aggressive what should I do?

  9. the engner anas
    | Reply

    هلو انا اتابعك من العراق Helo.I'm following you from irag

  10. Lps.Majestic
    | Reply

    my birds just fly to the back of the cage, and when my hand goes near them they go crazy 🙁 I’m trying everything but nothing happens. Idk what to do

  11. Toss Kitten
    | Reply

    haha i ruined the 111 comments

  12. Melanie Gilg
    | Reply

    What do you do when you're dog barking at your love bird when trying to tame your bird. Melanie.?

  13. house of gamer
    | Reply

    The love birds not fly out

  14. Krix Remix
    | Reply

    I have a fisher love brird and your vids help me alot he just got settled in my new cage that is 160cm tall and 147cm wide and he immediately started to sing probably cuz he is happy and has alot of toy's and space il be getting him a new friend soon and with the taming and thanks again for the help 🙂

  15. Jack {Demon}
    | Reply

    Does it work for budgies too?? Please reply! I wanna know:(

  16. Mia Vences
    | Reply

    The bird you have I have two of them and I don’t know what kind my bird is and it’s like the one you have

  17. Amit Rathod
    | Reply

    I like your bird

  18. Jaebum's strawberry milk shake
    | Reply

    what treat did you gave to your Lovebirds???

  19. Mack Daddy
    | Reply

    Er, I hate to be that one negative comment, but your bird's cage, is a hazard to your own bird. The perched inside the cage are round wooden dowels, and they are the same, you should replace them as soon as possible because it could cause bumble foot eventually. Also, I would clip the cage doors, once a bird is tame, they are unstoppable. Again, this video was great, it helped me very much, just those few minor issues! Best wishes

  20. Melissa Grzybowski
    | Reply

    What if my bird wont eat the food put of my hand

  21. Ruth Lang
    | Reply

    my bird trusts my hand more than that stick

  22. Ugliest Jokes
    | Reply

    Thank you very much!!!! = ) your video helps a lot.And also you have a cute bird!!!! My bird is in step 3 or it might be step 4.you have an awesome bird!!!! I will subscribe,cute bird btw=bye the way.

  23. Miko '-'
    | Reply

    Will it work for canaries

  24. Maria kitty cat girl
    | Reply

    I just got one thank you for helping

  25. Uzma Ansari 47
    | Reply

    Why you are taking so much time to talk silly things

  26. Boaman5435 TheAnacondaLover
    | Reply

    Great Video I subbed

  27. Zeeshan Imtiaz
    | Reply

    I have the same cage!

  28. fs441 no ones
    | Reply

    Damn it once my love bird hears the birds in here they Chirp really loud

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