(How To) teach your pet bird to fly to you on command!

How to teach your pet bird to fly to you!!! Whats up guys, thanks for tuning in. If you enjoyed this video, or if it helped you don’t forget to (LIKE), (COMMENT A VIDEO IDEA OR A QUESTION), (SHARE THIS VIDEO), (AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE GREAT AND INFORMATIVE VIDEOS!!!) To learn how to teach your pet bird how to step up click the link below.

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14 Responses

  1. Doglover3000
    | Reply

    Please teach us the wave

  2. Doglover3000
    | Reply

    Thank you so much

  3. I’m Shook
    | Reply

    How do you the intro

  4. Jana Amr
    | Reply

    Should I clip my bird's wings to tame him ??

  5. go away please
    | Reply

    I tried this with my budgie, but he just gave up once the spray mill got too far away. went back In the cage and started swinging on the swing. how do I get him to be more motivated?

  6. Crytic Circle
    | Reply

    thanks for the tip I just got my love bird

  7. boletusam2
    | Reply

    does this work for budgies and cockatiels?

  8. Mikayla Skinner
    | Reply

    my bird wont jump at all

  9. Birds& More
    | Reply

    Probably best tutorial on how to make your bird to fly to you

  10. Definite Rhyme
    | Reply

    Hey, quick question!
    Where did you get your lovebird?

  11. 鄭宜崴
    | Reply

    Hello, I have a problem:
    Every time I train my birds to fly to me, if they are obedient, I will greatly praise them and give them a snack. However, the current situation is that they will only be willing to fly to me when they are hungry, if not they are not hungry, they often ignore me…
    I don't want this. I hope they can respond to my instructions at any time. How do I do this, please?

  12. Gone To the Wild Ones
    | Reply


  13. bad spelly produckshun
    | Reply

    Can you teach a bird to fly in place

  14. Monica Herrera
    | Reply

    Am Going to try this. Thanks

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