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This video is about how to teach your parrot to talk. First and foremost, it’s really important to remember that not all parrots talk. A lot of people buy a parrot and they’re disappointed to find out that that bird does nothing but make noise or that it never learns to say a single word. You’ve got to get a parrot because you enjoy having a bird and enjoy the way that they are, not just because you want a talking companion.

Keep in mind that parrots don’t have a mute button like a TV. So, you get a parrot that you want to talk and maybe it will talk all day long, maybe it will scream all day long. You’ve got to be able to accept the noise and accept that the talking might just never come to them.

That said, some parrots do learn to talk very well. First, they learn to talk on their own. They learn by listening to things. So, the first thing you can do to encourage it to talk is to talk to the bird. Keep in mind that the words and phrases you use are all up for repetition. So, don’t say things to your parrot that you wouldn’t want it to say back.

To encourage your parrot to say specific phrases, pick five or ten phrases that you really want your parrot to repeat and try to say them on a regular basis. Try to talk to your parrot when it is in a heightened state. That’s usually when their eyes are pinning or they’re attentive. Oftentimes, this is when you just walk in the door, the parrots are excited. The first thing that most parrots learn to say is hello because that’s the first thing that they hear whenever someone walks into a room, and that’s when they’re excited to see someone new.

Some parrots talk in a more calm environment when they think no one’s looking. African grays, Capes and other parrots like that are more shy and will tend to talk in their cages. Meanwhile, some other parrots are more bold and love the attention. Amazons and cockatoos are more prone to talking in person and for attention instead.

Lastly, you can try to capture your parrot’s vocalizations on cue. The way to get your parrot to say what it says when you want it to say it is to capture it on cue using a clicker. Whenever you hear your parrot saying the phrase that it learned that you want it to say, click the clicker and go and give it a treat.

Over time, the parrot’s going to learn to say that phrase more and more often. What you’re going to try to do is predict when your parrot’s going to say it, and say your cue. For example, if you want to say “hello” and you want your parrot to say “what’cha doing” in return, whenever your parrot says, “what’cha doing” respond with “hello” and then give it a treat. Over time, since it’s going to be saying it over and over again, first you say ‘hello’ and if it responds back with “what’cha doing” you can go and give it the treat.

If it doesn’t, then keep saying ‘hello’ until is says the response and then you’ll have the reason to click and give it a treat. Just remember, not all parrots are going to learn to talk. However, the more you talk to them, the better their chances of picking some talking up are.

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  1. Kenny Turner
    | Reply

    I have a 2 parrotlets thanks for the help dude

  2. HiroMedved
    | Reply

    if i had a parrot i would teach it to say "YEA BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII"

    | Reply

    I tried to say to them "Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy." But nothing worked after a while. They didn't say anything.

  4. Powertntgirl
    | Reply

    I just got my parrot today and it keeping on screaming

  5. Vict Kieu
    | Reply

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  6. Joan Bonilla
    | Reply

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  7. RY_Kappa
    | Reply

    I only wanna teach mine to say WTF

  8. NS JT
    | Reply

    Does this work with Budgies as well?

  9. The Trent Rider
    | Reply

    I'm going to teach my bird to beat box

  10. Nikial Sewdial
    | Reply

    Parrot is nice really nice.

  11. Izzy Gaming
    | Reply

    My female cockatiel is not used to talking… But only my male does , But my male cockatiel passed away 4 months ago and not to lie but my female cockatiel only tweet , Scream and make sounds all a sudden like when I'm eating And when I'm not here I don't how ! It's very difficult…i tried watching this but it still doesn't work πŸ™ so frustrating…

  12. Sabah Phil
    | Reply

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  13. John Smith
    | Reply

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  14. hh gamatism
    | Reply

    my parrot doesnt trust me or any of my family it flies away from us but he is funny he just picked up a tea biscuit and flew on top of its cage

  15. CoreNightmare
    | Reply

    can lorikeets talk

  16. Abdul Rasyid
    | Reply

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  17. Walsh
    | Reply

    Which races are the best for talking?

  18. your girl sadeen
    | Reply

    I have pink bird

  19. chocolaty chocolaty
    | Reply

    Who is still watching in 2017 anyways my parrot says "mi periquita, mi perica" ITS SO CUTE!!!!

  20. KikBackGaming
    | Reply

    Why am I watching I don’t have a parrot

  21. Random Artist
    | Reply

    Lol!!!!! Today I was telling my pineapple conure to go poop before she could come out of her cage I kept repeating it and she started mimicking me!! She started to say go poop!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  22. kaylyn
    | Reply

    its 5 in the morning i dont even have a parrot

  23. M Bilal Butt
    | Reply

    I have alexandrine Parrot which thing I give my Parrot for treat

  24. Lorikeet Slimes
    | Reply

    I have a lorikeet that talks

  25. Lovellamas45 !!!
    | Reply

    I have 1 parrot and im about to get a female for him :2

  26. Blue Ice
    | Reply

    I have a 3 yr old quaker and he doesn't talk but he laughs an make noise and I dont know how to get him to talk plz help

  27. Joswi MSP
    | Reply

    I don't even have a parrot..

  28. onyx 100
    | Reply

    my bird learns to many words like
    il say if i could and she'll sing chers song or stobe them flaming

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