How to Teach Your Horse to Walk Into the Trailer on its own

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28 Responses

  1. GuitarHorse98
    | Reply

    oh I just love it when someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about just says something dumb and childish. Yes because EVERY woman is a retard when it comes to horses.Yep us women just need to be more……..mature. Oh and F.Y.I. it seems you’re getting emotional too.

  2. GuitarHorse98
    | Reply

    thank you for the SUPER helpful video i’ve been wanting to teach my mare how to do this for ages! 🙂

  3. SpaetzleAffe13
    | Reply

    This is how I was taught to train loading. Except we weren’t allowed to lead into the trailer at all, from the get go we had to send our horse or pony in. Through the process my pony reared up multiple times, and went crooked like your horse did A LOT. But he did a lot of sniffing and pawing and licking and chewing too, so it was worth it 😀 This was my first time ever trying to trailer load a horse/pony 😀 Only got him half way in before we put him up cus he did so well 😀

    Great video!

  4. FG MIddlebrook
    | Reply

    You are a dumb ass .Just another stupid man,gives makes all us men look bad.

  5. volkscom
    | Reply

    Sounds like you are getting emotional and upset.

  6. Kayla White
    | Reply

    EXCUSE ME?!?!?! NO!

  7. volkscom
    | Reply

    Another stupid woman trainer, real trainers are men because women are dumb and get too emotional.

  8. horsecrazy1248
    | Reply

    My arab she can go in all by her self and with nothing… Also can my quarter horse

  9. Salena Budgett
    | Reply

    I miss my mom’s old gelding she used to have. It always made us laugh when it came to the trailer, because he saw the trailer as ‘adventure time!’ You hardly had to encourage him to get on. Problem came when your done riding and need to take his tack off. hehe

    He would climb inside and give you that look of “Come on! I’m ready, let’s go!”

  10. MoonSapphireDemon
    | Reply

    @Padmavideo I love your horse! What breed is it?

  11. Heather Raubenheimer
    | Reply

    My horse walks in the trailer on his own but when we try to attach the backup chains or lift the
    door to close the trailer he backs up .How can I teach him not to do this to stand quietly while we close

  12. Ella Scrace
    | Reply


  13. blackwolf10799
    | Reply

    I once had a horse that did that before. Just loosen the reins and let him/her sniff the ground and whatever for a while to get used to it. If he/she doesn’t want to sniff the ground then maybe it’s just because your reins are too short. :)

  14. Equineluva chick
    | Reply

    Maybe an angle loader may be more to her liking :o)

  15. Ella Scrace
    | Reply

    Hi, I was wondering if you could make a video on how to stop horses pulling their head down when your riding them, my horse does this when he goes to new places and I want him to stop. thankyou

  16. Danni-Ann Moran
    | Reply

    @pineyoaksfarms my horse gets perfectly in a stock trailer like by himself but then when it comes to a trailer with a ramp or just a two horse trailer he’s like he’ll no I’m not going in there !!! So I just work him hard go for a big ride get him tired and then do groundwork and drill on that right beside the trailer if your horse isn’t spooky, go jump on the and flail your arms . Hope this helped message me if u want other ideas I just didn’t want this to be to long

  17. froster9393
    | Reply

    if you are able to, get something similar or even the ramp off the trailer and put it on level ground and keep sending him across the flat ramp until he walks across it so he knows it wont collapse and is solid under his feet.

  18. tonwi01
    | Reply

    Horse was confused. He should be lead up or let loose up. Not turning back into her all the time while she stands in the way.

  19. pineyoaksfarms
    | Reply

    I have a horse who will load in a stock trailer, but won’t on a trailer with a ramp. He jumps over the ramp to get on and off. I can’t get him to walk in it at all. I have tried lunging him, treats, getting him to move his feet and pressure. Any suggestions?

  20. Gerry Cox
    | Reply

    Teach that horse to Stop and then load one step at a time and back him out with each step. So one step in, wait, back out. Go do something, come back, one step in, wait, back out. o do something else. Come back, TWO steps in, wait, back out. Build on that so he is looking and waiting for YOU to tell him to back out. THREE steps in, wait, now wait a little longer, back out, re-load, wait back out, go away, come back reload FOUR steps, wait back, reload, wait, wait longer, back out,blah,blah…

  21. Marieke Mombarg
    | Reply

    I have a single horse trailer. If my horse walks in it on her own, she wants to turn around (and she once did)… Do you have a solution for this problem?

  22. Dawnpaw
    | Reply

    If theres no butt bar you should put the ramp up and/or close the doors to the back before clipping the horse into the trailer. The eason is because if the horse’s head is tied while the back is open, if he trys to back out he will be able to get almost halfway out before running out of slack in the rope, causing him to become nervous while half in/out of the trailer, and if you know anything about horses that is just a dangerous situation!

  23. barrelracing771
    | Reply

    My trailer has no BUTT bar.

  24. Alyson Masarovich
    | Reply

    do any trailers have no butt bar if so what do i do then?

  25. comanchecobe
    | Reply

    i like you r gray horse i would tell i have a six year old gray mare who wont load and i thot her to im 9 year s old

  26. jett888
    | Reply

    so true “if you aren’t a good leader you’ll have a hard time convincing your horse to follow” I tell others, the horse just needs a decisive leader. all great points. Can’t imagine having a horses that doesn’t load- you read their body language so nicely too- very fair.

  27. elnapiz81
    | Reply

    Hello, I have a 8 year old pinto/friesian and I have trouble loading him in to 2horse straight trailer, everytime I try to load him, he gets nervous when getting close to the trailer. Also he starts pulling back and if he feel pressure he gets angry. Any suggestions please? I would appreciate that. Thanks.

  28. robyn spector
    | Reply

    warn her with your voice that the ground will change. say ‘back’ to back, and ‘step’ when she gets to the ramp or down to the ground, so she knows she can trust you to take care of her, she doesn’t feel she’s walking off into a hole. hope that helps.

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