How to Teach Your Horse To Sit (On a beanbag in-hand)

For those wondering where I got the beanbag- I found it on craigslist for $40. I’m not sure what brand it is, so I can’t recommend anything other than keeping your eyes peeled for a deal.

In this video I show how I teach a horse how to sit on a beanbag in-hand. Calypso my PMU foal, learned the sit in just two sessions. If you try teaching your horse to sit and have any questions, I’d be glad to answer them or help. More ‘How To’s and training videos coming in the future! Just a reminder that if you’re having a specific problem, it’s easier for me to help if you send me a video of you working with your horse.


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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

23 Responses

  1. Reyah_Stewart #BLESS
    | Reply

    You use great methods with your horse and I want to ask if you could do a video on what you feed your horse and how much😊

  2. Amaya Fuller
    | Reply

    Next question is… where do you get a beanbag that big?😂

  3. Alpha Of this pack
    | Reply

    Beautiful horse!!😍
    Also this will help so much thank you❤️

  4. lylah's adventures
    | Reply

    Can you tech us how to do it without the been bag

    | Reply

    What for a amazing Video ….so lovelly and you learn us so nice to do that with our horse ….great work.💙😍

  6. Jaydee1203
    | Reply

    Love it! She's such a pretty horse!

  7. Terry HAPPY
    | Reply

    Wow! super cool gentle approach to horses! I have a 9 month old quarter horse and she is doing so many things already and i was wondering what i was going to teach he next. Sam is my new favorite teacher!

  8. Elis Lõhmus
    | Reply

    How you get a horse used to bit or hackamore?

  9. Judith Smith
    | Reply

    Very impressed with your skills and abilities! Great job!

  10. Kacey Weaver
    | Reply

    The lay down without using the bow?

  11. L Shy
    | Reply

    your explanation is perfect thank

  12. the cow trainer
    | Reply

    I am going to try this hope this works on my cows!!

  13. chris russell
    | Reply

    Excellent !

  14. Cora Caulfield
    | Reply

    Can you show a how to smile please. Love your videos 😍😍

  15. EzTimes HorseRides
    | Reply

    Great video

  16. Betty White
    | Reply

    Where do you get your beanbag

  17. Sarah Diggs
    | Reply

    She looks so pleased with herself! Well done, Miss!

  18. Kathryn Vanderpol
    | Reply

    She's so cute! Thanks for another how-to 🙂

  19. Clarice The Equestrian !
    | Reply

    That's really cool! Great teaching method 👍

  20. Dale Trayner
    | Reply

    Love it. Your horse really trust you. What a wonderful relationship

  21. Outdoors Life
    | Reply

    Where did you get the beanbag

  22. Outdoors Life
    | Reply

    I love your videos

  23. Mary_ 26
    | Reply

    Where did you get your bean bag?

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