How To Teach Your Horse To Bow

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15 Responses

  1. Mascha Paravac
    | Reply

    lol link at 1:04 was really triggered

    | Reply

    Every other video I see looks like it would take for every u make it look so easy -thank u

  3. Ruby Wells
    | Reply

    could you please do a how to teach your horse to ride with a neck rope

  4. CaitlynLease
    | Reply

    Can you do a video on teaching a horse to lay down?

  5. filly ferno
    | Reply

    I love how u said his or her and not just his or just her

  6. ShadeTreeStables
    | Reply

    I love your energy! I have my horse bowing too, and I totally used treats!

  7. The guinea pig Lover
    | Reply

    What breed of horse is link

  8. Elsa Swandok
    | Reply

    I know you got a lot of hate, i do really like that you don´t use bits or hitting your horse like others. BUT you want the horse to bow and go down, with streight legs, but not under him self with bent legs! it can hurt the horses neck really bad. I started to do the same way as you but after i herd they can get hurt i´m learning it otherwise

  9. czikeyl
    | Reply

    Anyone knows if it's safe to ride a 13.3hh horse (she's still growing since she's 3)

  10. Libby Moore
    | Reply

    I tried teaching my horse to bow…Was NOT having it 😂

  11. George the Bear
    | Reply

    Is it okay to feed your horse out of your hand because I have always done it that way but at my barn they force me to feed MY horse a treat out of a bucket because it makes them "bite" i don't even know anymore so I'm asking your opinion

  12. HS headcam
    | Reply

    I really don't understand why the hell she gets hate… her horse is so happy and healthy and she knows what she is doing. I really don't see the problem…

  13. Fail Queen
    | Reply

    You can teach the full on bow that way too 🙂 you just have to lift up one of the front legs and gently pull it back while getting his head to go under with the treats.

  14. Roman Lemerond
    | Reply

    Hey if you are into horses and wouldn't mind giving me some advice on my channel i would love some constructive criticism. Trying to start up a channel about our barn and our adventures! please and thank you

  15. Labrador Paradise My obsession with labs
    | Reply

    Link is sooo cute!

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