How to teach your horse FIVE TRICKS…count, smile, grab that, follow, backwards

In this video I explain five tricks that you can train to your horse: count, smile, grab that, follow, backwards. All tricks are based on positive reinforcem…

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28 Responses

  1. MrDeniw
    | Reply

    The horse said softly: If you give me banana peel again, I give him a kick!

  2. Rebecca .Laura
    | Reply

    I think it would be safe for you to teach him a new trick: stay out of my
    space. 2:28

  3. Maddi Martinez
    | Reply

    my horse has learnd all the tricks he just likes to start smiling as soon
    as he sees me so its nolonger a trick it more of an instinked

  4. ShawnMory McMillion
    | Reply

    I really appreciate your kind, fun, and gentle approach to training your
    horse to do tricks. My only concern is that some horses may get a bit nippy
    in anticipating the food reward. How do you suggest preventing or
    correcting a nippy horse please?
    Thank you so much!

  5. IHorse Craz
    | Reply

    what if your horse doesn’t like treats

  6. Sarah Ly
    | Reply

    Oh I loved this!

  7. lilly gomez
    | Reply

    If a horse is being mean wat could u do to make him stop

  8. Audra Wheeler
    | Reply

    Did anyone else notice the horse was hard in the second clip?

  9. shelby knight
    | Reply

    that would be HARD to teach your horse ;-)

  10. equuifree
    | Reply

    my horse doesn’t smile, could grab or follow me 🙁 and i have watched this
    vid so many times i could remember it backwards!! help! if i cant find a
    talent in him mt parents will sent him to the doggers! he is a 14 year old
    arab gelding.

  11. Kraytray
    | Reply

    I like this video

  12. M Y L I T T L E W O R L D
    | Reply

    I love that crunching sound.

  13. Royal_7_Minx
    | Reply

    i never use food with my horse training lol

  14. Debbie Parker
    | Reply

    I love your videos!! I want to train my mare to do what you do with Jay!!

  15. Amie Kobryn
    | Reply

    Your horse is beautiful! Seems so smart. He has a lot of personality!

  16. Juliet Marcroft
    | Reply

    why is your horse’s “private thing “so long? 

  17. iloveYOUnicorns12345
    | Reply

    positive reinforcement is very important but you shouldn’t always give him
    a treat or he will become pushy like the horse in the video. Evertime he
    does anything that resembles a trick he leaps towards her for a treat. That
    isn’t good because he isn’t respecting your space and is becoming nippy. He
    is much bigger than you and can easily hurt you on accident because of his
    larger size. So treats are good but he should learn to do tricks without

  18. Nik Armando
    | Reply

    during all this training the horse had a boner !

  19. cassie murphy
    | Reply

    Love it so cool! now when I get my horse I can teach him/her a few tricks.
    Questions: What breed is your horse in this video

  20. Emma Marie
    | Reply

    You might want to teach him to stay out of your space. 

  21. Stephanie Michael
    | Reply

    WOW so many comments in here I want to like! You are right about positive
    re-enforcement but you are teaching your horse to do everything based on
    food! Treats are good, don’t get me wrong, but your horse should trust you
    enough to want to do these things when you ask whether a treat is involved
    or not. It is a relationship, and like any relationship, it requires trust.
    Every time you walk your horse he is going to try to cross over, get in
    front and grab for food. Not a good thing. What you are doing isn’t

  22. Jillaroo Whiskey
    | Reply

    This girl needs to watch a bit of Warwick Schiller!

  23. Nicole Simonovsky
    | Reply

    What Breed Is Your Horse?

  24. Adventure Riding Casa Lusitana
    | Reply

    Hi, i tryed some tricks and it worked easily – just like in most other
    cases here. but i had the same problem: how to stop them? i started with
    one of our mares. she is so absolutly “shy” (or say it as it is: she
    doesn’t trust people since this summer, not even me – don’t know what
    happend with all the people passing her field) she startet to follow me, to
    gently count and got backwards. the problem: she just continues to ignore
    me when i come without “goodies”. even worse: my lovely boy allways eager
    to learn new stuff. he loves counting and now – he just count. whatever it
    is that i want – he counts. i needed to be very pacient, i got it mostly
    under control. i think your tricks are nice, but one need to do a lot more
    and spend much more time with them, so that they won’t get out of control

  25. Eazy Rider
    | Reply

    Is he a Friesian Sport horse? Great upload.

  26. chelsea burdan
    | Reply

    what if you have a stubborn horse that some times doesn’t want to do stuff

  27. Chanthavimone Steven
    | Reply

    if it a gurl gud gurl

  28. Nicor2713
    | Reply

    whats yoiur horses name?

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