How to Teach your Dog to Stay in 3 Steps Force Free!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. 4 Musketeers says:

    What ur every dog name is bruno

  2. Russell Vinas says:

    What treat or reward zak gave to the dog?

  3. Bernard Tanael says:

    Yo Zak thank you, your previous videos helped me teach sit, down and fetch. You just earned a new subscriber 🙂 …. The only problem I am facing is, sit, down, and come, they only work if my 4month old puppy knows im holding the treats lol

  4. He was biting the shit out of you, bro..

  5. PrettyPetite1 says:

    Wow that baby is beautiful

  6. eğitimsetleri full says:

    A better one
    Dog training

  7. I just got a 3 month old german sherpherd yesterday so Im watching vids on how to train a dog. It doesn't bite, he's approachable but it's very hard to get his attention. Maybe it's because he's still young, but what can I do to get his attention even if he's still a pup?

  8. Andrew Gustafson says:

    Step 1: Teach the dog to sit.
    Step 2: Enforce the known command "sit"
    Step 3: Save your breath on the word "stay" because a good dog should stay seated or whoa'd until released.

  9. Ella Mae Nuyles says:

    I can't even make my puppy sit. She's turning 3 months on Feb 7. Errtime I let her out of the cage, she always bites everything and jumping around like it's her first time in this world ??

  10. Sintel Snow says:

    The puppy in the thumbnail for this video looks so smug. xD

  11. Henry Grater says:

    my friend needs help with training her puppy dog

  12. Dora Tsipoliti says:

    7.47 lmao.. good job

  13. julio salazar says:

    can i teach my 8 month puppy or is it to late he has no training experience

  14. Krishay Kumar says:

    cool mannnn

  15. what type of treats are you using

  16. AshleyPlayzRoblox 8269 says:

    Can u make a vid so dogs can stop running like a madman

  17. EasyTec Buster says:

    my problem is that my dog is scared a bit from me im giving him food . he is new in our house already 3 days and idk rlly his age but maybe 1 year or sth like that . how to solve that and make him stay near me without being scared and running out from me

  18. Hi Zak! So I am going to get my new puppy on Monday! I am so excited! She is going to be literally a new puppy at 8 weeks. So I was wondering if you could make a video by like Saturday, (because there is a chance I meet her on Saturday) or later about brand new puppy must needs and tips? I know it is a bit much to just do that before then but instead of trying to watch your whole playlist I was wondering if you could just make one video? (sorry if you can't)

  19. Katrina Bonafe says:

    the dog obviously gets excited with your arms flying everywhere. lol

  20. MsGoldenOwl says:

    Dodge, duck, dive….dodge?? lol thats 4 d's

  21. Felipe cáceres says:

    hey, awesome!! what kind of food (price) do you give him? thanks!

  22. MandoManiaTV says:

    this really works. thanks

  23. Lucas Thomas says:

    Porch buy budget variety hardware net formation uncomfortable full-time cancer trailer.

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