How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over and “Play Dead” FAST!

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Every dog should know how to “play dead” and roll over! In this video I’ll give your the most detailed lesson I ever have on this subject! Tricks are an AMAZING way to build communication and accelerate progress in overall training! These two are usually pretty easy to teach.

Videos I reference in this video:
How to clicker train your dog:
How to teach the perfect fetch:
How to train the “Leave it/Look at me” combo:

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16 Responses

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
    | Reply

    I hope you guys enjoy! Here's a playlist that will show you how to teach your dog the basics in order: Thanks for subscribing!

  2. Jacob
    | Reply

    this video was weird for me

  3. Robert Crick
    | Reply

    this video is 50% adverts

  4. EvaZola729
    | Reply


  5. James Wallace
    | Reply

    I never thought about this kind of lure training I had never heard of it till I watched this. It's actually really clever

  6. Serenity Kane
    | Reply

    I cannot believe I just trained my puppy how to sit,lay down,and rollover

  7. gemma panquico
    | Reply

    my puppy don't bark he is 1 month old what is the problem of my puppy?

  8. Nitesh Srivastava
    | Reply

    will please stop promoting the products and do for what we looking your video…

  9. dezmond roman
    | Reply

    At 6:20 the dog almost caught him slipping and got him some neck meat😂😂😂

  10. dezmond roman
    | Reply

    I don't know about anyone else but I would never feed a pit from my hands

  11. Julian Peterson
    | Reply

    It worked very well thank you

  12. Elizabeth Stratman
    | Reply

    i was playing with my 9 week old pup and i started rolling in the grass he decided to play with me.. so sweet!

  13. Love my Shiba Inu
    | Reply

    So professional 😍😍😍 such clear communication! 👍👍👍👍

  14. Jamzy Dreams
    | Reply

    Whenever I teach my puppy something he forgots it for the next day or he'll just follow my command when I treat when I dont have treats he'll just bark at me crazily like "You got no treats I wont follow"

  15. //s3renA// :]
    | Reply

    Thanks to you my dog is becoming more calm and is doing the tricks you showed us fast

  16. TotalCabelloEclipse
    | Reply

    She just sits…

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